• The Nick Rinard Method of Physical Therapy
  • At Nick Rinard Physical Therapy you Get Results Fast
  • Nick Rinard Physical Therapy SW Portland, Airport and Mt Hood
  • The Nick Rinard Method of Physical Therapy

    Choose your Physical Therapist Carefully

  • At Nick Rinard Physical Therapy you Get Results Fast

    Nick Rinard Physical Therapy gets you results in half as many visits as other clinics

  • Nick Rinard Physical Therapy SW Portland, Airport and Mt Hood

    Nick Rinard Physical Therapy SW Portland, Airport and Mt Hood

Physical Therapy that Gets Results

Don’t DEAL with pain, HEAL it.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy (formerly Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy of Portland) in Portland, Oregon, is a small network of Physical Therapy clinics devoted to healing people and giving them the power to heal themselves.

Founded in 1999, MDT of Portland (now Nick Rinard Physical Therapy) was the first Physical Therapy clinic in the Northwest devoted to practicing the MDT Method. We have two Physical Therapy clinics serving the Portland Metro Area and remain the only Physical Therapy practice that specializes in this method. For that dedication we have been rewarded with the reputation as the Physical Therapy Clinic That Gets Results. And we honor that reputation every day by seeing our patients recover, more than 9000 and counting, in as few as 4-6 visits.

But don’t just take our word for it; schedule a Physical Therapy appointment today and see for yourself how you can finally live pain free!

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Meet Our Physical Therapists

  • Margo Burette, DPT

    Margo Burette, DPT

    Margo Burette is enjoying her 5th year of outpatient orthopedic physical therapy practice. She earned her Doctorate of…

  • Nick Rinard MPT, Cert MDT

    Nick Rinard MPT, Cert MDT

    Nick Rinard, MPT, Cert MDT When Nick Rinard founded MDT of Portland, PC (now Nick Rinard Physical Therapy)…

  • Natasha Rinard OTR/L

    Natasha Rinard OTR/L

    Natasha Rinard Natasha was born in Ukraine, one of the former Republics of the USSR. Her home city,…

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What our patients say

  • I'm writing to say how glad I am that you referred me to Nick Rinard of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy for my back and neck pain. He and his associate, Debbie Thrall, did an excellent job of evaluating and relieving not only my primary back and neck pain, but also minor aches and discomforts in that region that I had learned to live with. Best of all, they gave me the tools to help myself: on the occasions when I engage in lazy posture and the discomfort returns, I use the stretches and exercises they taught me to get back to a pain-free state quickly. The great folks at Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy have made me a believer in the McKenzie Method!


  • Just a note to tell you how happy I am that Kerry O'Brien, ANP, GNP, sent me to Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy of Portland. You know I've been suffering repeatedly from pain in my back this spring. I've been to my chiropractor and acupuncturist for several months without much improvement. On the very first visit to MDT, Ted Ellquist was able to show me a simple exercise that didn't take special equipment or too much time. This had the immediate benefit of reducing pain! Since I was going to see a physical therapist anyway, it seemed a good idea to have them take a look at my elbow, which has been bothering me for years. Nick Rinard showed me how to manipulate my arm that brings instant relief. Again, no special equipment and not too much time is required. I plan to continue these exercises until all pain is gone and stays away! I'm full of hope for the first time in years! These methods are very exciting. I plan to tell all my friends what a fantastic place this is. I'll recommend Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy of Portland to anyone with back or joint pain. They, can save money by learning these techniques. No expensive prescriptions and fewer office visits. Again, Thank You, for sending me to MDT. Cordially,


  • Dear Natasha and Nick, Thank you so much for your support and words of encouragement. Without MDT I felt hopeless on this condition. I'll never forget the two of telling me on that first visit I wasn't. And now I'm getting better and stronger everyday. Many thanks.


  • I have my life back due to all the help they provided for me. I am back to walking & doing everything I enjoy. Thank you doesn't seem like enough! You have given me the tools to help myself. Thanks a million :)

    T.S September, 2009,