Patient Testimonials - Nick Rinard Physical Therapy

What our patients say

  • "I was already coming here for my back which was handled so well. I was hopeful my chronic ankle pain could be helped. I am now almost as capable in my ankle as pre-injury. This is the most relief I have felt in half a decade."


  • "I recently scheduled a visit at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy because I had a wonderful successful experience here in the past. This time proved to be just as wonderful and definitely successful! I truly appreciated everyone here and especially the fact the Nick & Katie will make sure everything the patient came in for is well without any unnecessary visits."


  • "My chiropractor referred me and I have be so thankful for the progress!! I can walk a lot more without the right side bone on bone pain and also way less pain throughout the day on the right and almost none on the left. Yay!!"


  • "My chiropractor referred me after I did not get better following long term therapy. With the techniques I have learned here I am able to find temporary immediate pain relief that last from a few minutes to a few hours. Also, I fell like my overall pain throughout the day is more manageable and I am no longer seeking temp. relief from chiropractor. The therapy has given me more information about the abilities my body still has and has given me confidence to push the limits of strength and flexibility to allow for continued healing. Thank you!"


  • "Now, after 16 days, 5 visits, I am unrestrained. Walking is fine, stairs, sleep, etc. Before, I could not bend my left leg more than a few degrees without pain. Could not walk. Sleeping on either side was painful, etc."


  • "A doctor suggested I come see Nick when he had done for me all that he could. How thrilled I am that I now have a very quick way to exercise pain away! This "tool" is such a help that frees me to travel by car or plane for long distances! I am so grateful to Nick and Katie for their abilities to help hurting people like I have been."


  • "I was referred by my ortho to see if PT would help my lower back pain. I was at a point where every day things hurt. I'm able to do a lot more that I could before. Along with being more aware of what I'm doing and what to watch for."


  • "A sore ankle that wasn't improving. It's much easier to walk on the beach. To work in the garden and just get through daily activities. I really appreciate the treatment and guidance in maintaining my improvement."


  • "Just a thank you for my therapy! You allowed me to train and compete in the U.S. National Triathlon with no injuries! #45 of 55 women 65-69. Thank you."


  • "Chiropractor wasn't able this time to put neck back into place. Pain free; drive car safely. More knowledgeable on how to keep better + get self better. Encouraged to continue keeping health + strength a priority to have a long + active life + lifestyle."


  • "I am very satisfied with the caring attitude of the staff. After having my total knee I was not able to walk without an assisting device. They have been supportive and friendly. I would highly recommend this office to friends and family. Katie was my rock and cheerleader right from the start and I really appreciate her."


  • "I came to Nick's office and saw Katie for foot pain. I had pain and unsteadiness walking in the morning and my feet had excruciating pain when I attempted to manage them. Katie had me do a progression of exercises and massage, starting with a few simple stretches and changing them out each week with new ones that further developed the muscles and my capabilities. My persisting symptoms are nearly gone!"


  • "I've had chronic back issues since I was 13 years. For the first time in years / decades I am without pain. I have been to many therapies and doctors and Nick has helped me battle my lower back pain. Thank you!"


  • "I had pretty severe neck pain, which limited nearly [all] activity. After a few weeks I am back to normal. Thanks guys!"


  • "Pain in my back brought me here and my body had begun to shift with one side lower than the other. So happy that I now have a variety of exercises that quickly stop the pain. These vary and enable me to exercise in most situations I am in. Katie was wonderful in teaching movements and in her ability to clearly explain what I needed to know."


  • "I first came here due to ruptured disc w/severe pain and felt immediate relief. I believe these experts are the most talented people I've ever met w/their medicine and diagnosis and therapy*. When I came in - at first - I was very limited. I could not work or function normally. Now I can do everything."


  • "I came to see Nick for a torn meniscus that was preventing me from running or walking long distances. After 3 sessions I was completely better and could return to running several time a week. I will definitely be back next time I have an injury. I'm grateful for the quick + effective help!"


  • "Incredible results after far fewer visits than expected. Nothing short of amazing." *Back pain resolved in 4 visits! NRPT


  • "My thumb joint was very painful to use is why I currently see Natasha. She is an expert at making a custom fitting splint and teaching why the joint is painful. She takes incremental steps to pace progress in a a direction resulting in less pain and finally to dismissal. The skills Natasha taught me will apply to other joints and gives me a lasting remedy to use in order to stay pain free. The office atmosphere is light hearted and friendly so I look forward to my visits. I can't always comply with the program set out for me while at work but Natasha is ready with alternatives and encouragement. I always feel confident I will recover from my injury or pain after the care I receive from the staff at Nick Rinard's physical therapy."


  • "I was in severe pain after straining my back shoveling snow. I could hardly stand or move without weakness. It took several [9] visits to get back to normal but I am pain free and feel stronger than before the injury."


  • "I was having trouble sitting and had a lot of low back & hip pain. The PT has helped tremendously. I have much more core strength. And I have way less pain and irritation in my hack & hips. I've had to see my chiropractor much less. Highly recommend Nick Rinard Physical Therapy."


  • " -Low back pain. Doctor referral. -ROM much better. Pain much lower or zero. -Core stronger. -Overall much better."


  • "I came in due to a literal pain in my neck. The pain was making it hard for me to work and sleep at night. After a few visits over the 2 months I no long experienced my neck pain. I only had to do a few exercises daily to solve my pain issue. Very pleased with the speedy results from my visit."


  • Nick and Katie were very knowledgeable and skilled. You can tell they care about their patients and genuinely want to help them. I highly recommend Nick Rinard Physical Therapy!