Occupational Therapy

Therapist : Natasha Rinard, OTR/L

  • University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA 1996
  • Clinic co-owner with Nick Rinard, PT since 1999
 Natasha Rinard MDT Physical Therapy OTR/L
Hand Therapy: Appropriate diagnoses

  • Hand Therapy: Appropriate diagnoses
  • repetitive strain injuries
  • arthritis (thumb CMC joint, OA, RA)
  • stiff and/or painful wrists & fingers
  • tendinitis (medial and lateral epicondylitis, DeQuervain’s, etc.)
  • post-fractures, dislocations, sprains in upper extremities (wrist, shoulder, finger)
  • post-surgical repairs (tendon repairs, partial/complete amputations, burns, decompressions, transplantations)
  • systemic/ genetic disorders (RA, dystrophy, Raynaud’s, Dupuytren’s contractures, camptodyctaly, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, MS)
  • nerve involvement (compression, repair, transplantation)


Hand Therapy: Treatment used

  • mechanical diagnosis and therapy
  • screen for spinal disc/nerve involvement
  • patient education and training in self-treatment
  • static/dynamic splinting, positional taping, adaptive equipment solution
  • ergonomic work station evaluations and solutions
  • appropriate & specific strengthening and conditioning exercises
Occupational Therapy: Appropriate diagnoses

  • post-CVA or brain injury (hemiplegia, contractures, sublaxation)
  • spinal cord injuries (contractures, impaired ADL status)
  • repetitive strain related to work station
  • aging with decline in function (ADL)


Occupational Therapy : Treatment used

  • rehabilitative, neuro-developmental and compensatory approach
  • adaptive equipment for self care and work
  • ergonomic solutions
  • splinting and self-care equipment fabrication
  • patient/caregiver education, home safety evaluations
  • wheelchair seating and positioning (manual, electric, specialized)