• Referral Not Needed
  • The Nick Rinard Method of Physical Therapy  
  • At Nick Rinard Physical Therapy you Get Results Fast
  • Nick Rinard Physical Therapy SW Portland and Mt Hood
  • Referral Not Needed

  • The Nick Rinard Method of Physical Therapy  

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  • At Nick Rinard Physical Therapy you Get Results Fast

    Nick Rinard Physical Therapy gets you results in half as many visits as other clinics

  • Nick Rinard Physical Therapy SW Portland and Mt Hood

    Nick Rinard Physical Therapy SW Portland and Mt Hood

Physical Therapy that Gets Results

Don’t DEAL with pain, HEAL it.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy (formerly Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy of Portland) in Portland, Oregon, is a small network of Physical Therapy clinics devoted to healing people and giving them the power to heal themselves.

Founded in 1999, MDT of Portland (now Nick Rinard Physical Therapy) was the first Physical Therapy clinic in the Northwest devoted to practicing the MDT Method. We have two Physical Therapy clinics serving the Portland Metro Area and remain the only Physical Therapy practice that specializes in this method. For that dedication we have been rewarded with the reputation as the Physical Therapy Clinic That Gets Results. And we honor that reputation every day by seeing our patients recover, more than 9000 and counting, in as few as 4-6 visits.

But don’t just take our word for it; schedule a Physical Therapy appointment today and see for yourself how you can finally live pain free!

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Meet Our Physical Therapists

  • Katie Noles-Bowers, DPT

    Katie Noles-Bowers, DPT

    Katie is a familiar face at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy, having originally worked at the clinic in the…

  • Margo Burette, DPT

    Margo Burette, DPT

    Margo Burette is enjoying her 5th year of outpatient orthopedic physical therapy practice. She earned her Doctorate of…

  • Nick Rinard MPT, Cert MDT

    Nick Rinard MPT, Cert MDT

    Nick Rinard, MPT, Cert MDT When Nick Rinard founded MDT of Portland, PC (now Nick Rinard Physical Therapy)…

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What our patients say

  • "Pain in my back brought me here and my body had begun to shift with one side lower than the other. So happy that I now have a variety of exercises that quickly stop the pain. These vary and enable me to exercise in most situations I am in. Katie was wonderful in teaching movements and in her ability to clearly explain what I needed to know."


  • "I first came here due to ruptured disc w/severe pain and felt immediate relief. I believe these experts are the most talented people I've ever met w/their medicine and diagnosis and therapy*. When I came in - at first - I was very limited. I could not work or function normally. Now I can do everything."


  • "I came to see Nick for a torn meniscus that was preventing me from running or walking long distances. After 3 sessions I was completely better and could return to running several time a week. I will definitely be back next time I have an injury. I'm grateful for the quick + effective help!"


  • "Incredible results after far fewer visits than expected. Nothing short of amazing." *Back pain resolved in 4 visits! NRPT


  • "My thumb joint was very painful to use is why I currently see Natasha. She is an expert at making a custom fitting splint and teaching why the joint is painful. She takes incremental steps to pace progress in a a direction resulting in less pain and finally to dismissal. The skills Natasha taught me will apply to other joints and gives me a lasting remedy to use in order to stay pain free. The office atmosphere is light hearted and friendly so I look forward to my visits. I can't always comply with the program set out for me while at work but Natasha is ready with alternatives and encouragement. I always feel confident I will recover from my injury or pain after the care I receive from the staff at Nick Rinard's physical therapy."


  • "I was in severe pain after straining my back shoveling snow. I could hardly stand or move without weakness. It took several [9] visits to get back to normal but I am pain free and feel stronger than before the injury."


  • "I was having trouble sitting and had a lot of low back & hip pain. The PT has helped tremendously. I have much more core strength. And I have way less pain and irritation in my hack & hips. I've had to see my chiropractor much less. Highly recommend Nick Rinard Physical Therapy."


  • " -Low back pain. Doctor referral. -ROM much better. Pain much lower or zero. -Core stronger. -Overall much better."


  • "I came in due to a literal pain in my neck. The pain was making it hard for me to work and sleep at night. After a few visits over the 2 months I no long experienced my neck pain. I only had to do a few exercises daily to solve my pain issue. Very pleased with the speedy results from my visit."


  • Nick and Katie were very knowledgeable and skilled. You can tell they care about their patients and genuinely want to help them. I highly recommend Nick Rinard Physical Therapy!


  • "Persistent right knee pain. I had trouble deep bending and squatting. Not an issue now."


  • "Was having back issues. wanted to stay active so I came in as quickly as possible." Patient was pain free in 6 visits! Nick Rinard Physical Therapy


  • " I had shoulder pain and limited range of motion. I can now dress and sleep and do other day-to-day activities with no pain."


  • "I had on going hamstring and glut pain that I'd been dealing with for more than 5 yrs. I was referred by a friend & had immediate results along with a new diagnosis. I am now able to address the pain on my own & understand the issue, as well as correct it."


  • "Recurrent back pain and limited mobility due to a previous diagnosis of a spondylolisthesis. I have stronger understanding of exercises I can utilize to strengthen my core and prevent back pain. I also understand my strengths and limitations which will help as I move forward in life and my career as a nurse."


  • "I have come to Nick Rinard P.T. over a # of years for a # of uncomfortable/painful conditions and each time he and his staff have done an extraordinary job in diagnosis, and treatment and alleviated my discomfort/pain with minimal visits. They are an extremely knowledgeable, good listeners, empathetic and very pleasant people to work with. I cannot recommend them enough."


  • "I came in after dislocating my left shoulder several times. I had pain and tingling in both my shoulders and arm prior to treatment. Now I have a full range of motion that makes every days tasks much easier."


  • What prompted you to schedule a visit? "Pain." What can you do now that you could not do then? "Do the right exercises to help maintain the correct position of my back. I learned from Nick and Katie what is right and what is wrong. Thank you!"


  • "Severe pain in my left side - down leg and in back. Went from focus on hip to knee (right) and will be back to work on back/spine issues after my injection. It was a process to figure out where the focus of my treatment should be. The happy outcome was the strength and alignment improvements in my right knee and improved flexibility. Plus I really appreciated Nick's honesty and expertise regarding my situation and being there for me as a sounding board."


  • "Wrist/forearm pain from extensive computer use at work. I can get through the work day mostly pain-free now."


  • "1) Limitation in walking, now I can walk on concrete w/no pain in knee. 2) Pain w/doing daily tasks such as: pulling weeds, food prep in kitchen (chopping), sewing, holding a coffee cup, doing hair. Now I can do all of the above w/no pain."


  • Wonderful service and care. I can't recommend the team here enough. They saved me from back surgery (bulged disc) and instead taught me how to work with my body and heal. I've sent family and friends to them, even from outside the Portland area. Google 5 Star Review


  • "My primary care physician recommended me and within a day NRPT reached out and scheduled me to come in right away to begin treatment and not prolong the process. After treatments and exercise I am more mobile than I was after the accident and my posture has improved greatly since my first visit." Caseem


  • "I came to see Nick with pretty bad right side back pain. He gave me some exercises to do and, as always, took time to explain what I needed to do + why. I was worried because we were getting ready to go on a car trip and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do it. Within day of doing the exercises I was 75% better. By the time of our trip, I was functioning at 90% and was able to do my exercises and enjoy the trip PAIN-FREE."


  • "Thank you very much. Katy was very thorough in the evaluation and genuinely concerned. She is very attentive and assigned me appropriate exercises. I will recommend this clinic to others. I also was treated with ultrasound therapy, something new for me that helped greatly in treating the inflammation. "