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  • The Nick Rinard Method of Physical Therapy  
  • At Nick Rinard Physical Therapy you Get Results Fast
  • Nick Rinard Physical Therapy SW Portland, Airport and Mt Hood
  • Referral Not Needed

  • The Nick Rinard Method of Physical Therapy  

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  • At Nick Rinard Physical Therapy you Get Results Fast

    Nick Rinard Physical Therapy gets you results in half as many visits as other clinics

  • Nick Rinard Physical Therapy SW Portland, Airport and Mt Hood

    Nick Rinard Physical Therapy SW Portland, Airport and Mt Hood

Physical Therapy that Gets Results

Don’t DEAL with pain, HEAL it.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy (formerly Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy of Portland) in Portland, Oregon, is a small network of Physical Therapy clinics devoted to healing people and giving them the power to heal themselves.

Founded in 1999, MDT of Portland (now Nick Rinard Physical Therapy) was the first Physical Therapy clinic in the Northwest devoted to practicing the MDT Method. We have two Physical Therapy clinics serving the Portland Metro Area and remain the only Physical Therapy practice that specializes in this method. For that dedication we have been rewarded with the reputation as the Physical Therapy Clinic That Gets Results. And we honor that reputation every day by seeing our patients recover, more than 9000 and counting, in as few as 4-6 visits.

But don’t just take our word for it; schedule a Physical Therapy appointment today and see for yourself how you can finally live pain free!

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Meet Our Physical Therapists

  • Margo Burette, DPT

    Margo Burette, DPT

    Margo Burette is enjoying her 5th year of outpatient orthopedic physical therapy practice. She earned her Doctorate of…

  • Nick Rinard MPT, Cert MDT

    Nick Rinard MPT, Cert MDT

    Nick Rinard, MPT, Cert MDT When Nick Rinard founded MDT of Portland, PC (now Nick Rinard Physical Therapy)…

  • Natasha Rinard OTR/L

    Natasha Rinard OTR/L

    Natasha Rinard Natasha was born in Ukraine, one of the former Republics of the USSR. Her home city,…

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What our patients say

  • MENTION THIS COUPON AND SCHEDULE YOUR FREE SCREEN TODAY Phone: (503) 244-6232 In just 15 minutes, Nick Rinard Physical Therapy can determine if your pain may be mechanical. If so, we can then evaluate to help get you out of pain and enjoying your life once again.


  • Excellent care from the heart. Thorough, thoughtful and truly results- driven. You will feel heard and more than likely feel much better once Nick and his team get to the heart of what ails you.


  • Nick Rinard and all at his physical therapy practice do amazing work! My entire family (kids and adults) goes to him. Nick and the other clinicians are great at diagnosing the source of the pain or problem and selecting specific exercises and treatment that provide improvement very quickly. Our whole family gives Nick Rinard PT our highest recommendation.

    K. ,

  • " I came in with severe discomfort and pain. Right arm and shoulder were numb and hurting keeping me awake at night also limiting what I could do during the day. Now I have no numbness or pain. I can sleep on my right side with no problems or affects afterwards. I have been able to rain strength lost due to not being able to move my arm. Success!! 10-15-18


  • "I mistakenly self-diagnosed piriformis syndrome with bouts of sciatic nerve pains shooting down my leg. First, I thought I had tendonitis but it kept getting more painful more frequently. I had trouble sleeping, couldn’t drive some days. I had a herniated disc from an April DH ski fall… and spent May, June, July, August.. trying to walk without pain and relapsing. I saw a traditional PT at my excellent clinic..who had me building up my lower abdominal core muscles (which were not my problem). Finally I asked my girlfriend who she raved about years ago….. Margo Burrett, DPT and Nick Rinard, MPT immediately diagnosed my ruptured disc and set a program of exercise adapted to what I could then tolerate. Initially I came to them in nagging pain with a 30 degree tilt…from trying not to put weight on my L leg. My posture was like an arched bow ….to keep from feeling searing pain down my L leg. In only 4 visits over 2 weeks my excruciating pain went away, my posture became vertical, and.. my outlook and self confidence returned! I’m still improving and have occasional tweaks of minor pain. I can walk correctly, all day. I can DRIVE my car!, climb, stoop and carry weight. I feel appreciative and relieved to have my active life back. Thank you Margo Burrett, and Nick Rinard. Both of you were so informative, directing me… . to repeat the positions and exercises for my rehabilitation. Thank you both, for helping me get my active life back! "

    Kris 09-24-18,

  • My back feels strong all of the time and I can do much including lifting, bending and standing with no pain. This was the final step in making my back surgery a complete success.


  • Excellent Results!

    Brant R,

  • Very happy with my results. Very happy in regards to the support needed to keep going. Very happy with how I was handled, supported and dealt with on all levels.


  • My interactions with Nick and his staff, intermittently over a period of years, have resulted in a very helpful learning process about the structure of my body and how I can maintain optimal mobility. Currently, I am working with disks shifting in several areas of my spine. Nick Takes the time to explore and identify the most precisely targeted exercises and makes sure I understand how to manage and improve my physical situation. He inspires, encourages, sympathizes and pushed me to go as far as I can. Once again, I am extremely appreciative of the support I receive and the progress I achieve.

    Stephanie A,

  • I had a terrible shoulder pain that Nick cured in one session. He is knowledgeable, kind and caring. A true master at his profession. Thank you so much for all your wisdom. Fast service, great staff, A+++ all around. Very satisfied customer!

    Boris A, Nick Rinard Physical Therapy

  • I came to Nick Rinard Physical Therapy in pain from a classic lower back episode. Nick and his team were slow, methodical and patient as they educated me about my back, my spine, and my physiology of pain. I am fully recovered, performing well and changed for the better on how I move and carry my body.

    Dean T,

  • Thank you Nick! My time and money were very well spent with you. Your diagnosis was spot on and the results came much more quickly that I expected. Thank you! Really appreciate the individual rehab plan and your ability to think outside the standard PT box. Wow, You have a very special practice going on. I feel lucky to have found you. Thank you so much for all your time and effort. My best to you, keep getting out!! My plan now is to "raise the bar" and go for the gusto. What a blessing to be able to do!

    Kim C,

  • When I started I wanted to be able to skate again and now I can. You guys helped me get back on my board!

    Vincent B,

  • After just about a month I am feeling much better. I am able to resume regular daily life and exercise. I now have much more knowledge and awareness to recognize the issue if it happens again and the tools to fix it all on my own! This was my 2nd experience with Nick and he has helped me greatly both times! Thank you!

    Jennifer J.,

  • I was so impressed! After my 1st appointment, I could look into my blind spot without moving my WHOLE BODY!! I now have zero chronic pain! Thank you so much!

    Sarah G.,

  • Having been a previous patient, when I injured my while cosmic tubing, NRPT was my FIRST call! Within just a few months my knee is in great shape again. Everyone was fantastic as always and next time I injure myself I'll be back! I could not be happier with the results.

    Shelley M,

  • Nick was able to pinpoint a troubled shoulders joint that had been hurting off and on for 1 year. In just 2 weeks the pain was 95% improved! I am OVERJOYED with the RESULTS!!

    Don G.,

  • I am thrilled with my results and progress. I started PT with a bulging disk, neck pain and weakness in my left arm. Through consistent visits and clear direction, I have been able to resume all of my activities including running, biking, tennis yoga and weight lifting. Thank you!!

    Lisa H.,

  • Nick did a great job of diagnosing and knowing which exercises to get me pain relief and immediate results! I will to continue to recommend Nick to others in need of physical therapy.

    Kim W,

  • After my second visit my neck pain and symptoms were 90% improved. Lena took the time to methodically determine what movements were triggering the symptoms and which movements made them go away! I can't recommend Nick and his team highly enough! Thanks!

    Bill D.,

  • I came in to see Nick with pain and weakness from my neck to sacrum. I was in my mid sixties and discouraged about arthritis, degenerative disks and muscle weakness. NRPT's diagnosis was clear and informative. I wanted to avoid spinal surgery. I learned my solution was muscles strengthening. I also learned so much about myself through Nick's guidance and amazing communication skills. Today I understand that I can do my strengthening exercise while knowing my personal limits and have found the right balance in this gradual and mindful strengthening process. Now at the age of 70, I look back at my visits with Nick and his attentive staff with much gratitude. I am stronger than I was 5 years ago! I am skiing again, body surfing in Hawaiian waters, walking 3-4 miles, enjoying my grandchildren and traveling again! Nick taught me how to care for my body for the rest of my life. It's magical!

    Allison R.,

  • I started in January, finished in April. I do feel that I now have methods to use to help myself in time of pain. My situation is such that due to age and previous conditions I will never be pain free but now my pain level is lower and I can participate in some activities that make my life enjoyable. I am glad this method of therapy was available to me. At age 71 I am able to have a reasonably active life style.

    Sharon C.,

  • My shoulder went from hurting semi-regularly to no pain at all (5 visits).

    James ,

  • Nick gave me the optimistic hope that I could restore health and strength to my ankle with the exercises he gave me. In the first session Nick and I made progress getting my ankle to feel better and by the third visit I was making progress on my own and released from physical therapy. I plan to continue the exercises and monitor my progress over time. Before my experience w/Nick I was told that nothing could be done for my ankle until the pain became too unbearable; surgery would need to be done. I expect to make more progress on my own so the surgery will never be required. Thank you Nick and Staff.

    Carl ,

  • I have just completed treatment with Nick Rinard for back pain. Wow!!! What a great experience! I am not only pain free but I have also been taught how to prevent future injuries to my back by doing daily exercises to strengthen my back and core muscles! The McKenzie Method performed by Nick and his trained MDT therapists works far better than any conventional PT methods.

    Dave N,