Clinical Conversations

Happy New Year!

What a year to review!

Are you having neck pain?

“I had neck pain and immobility from old neck trauma.
My neck is substantially more mobile after the series of treatments and home exercises that my PT prescribed.
I still have a little bit of discomfort but it has gone from being obstructive and distracting to something that I don’t even notice unless I’m actively trying to.
I wasn’t sure that they could really do much for my neck but the treatment really worked and they have my full confidence now. I’d recommend to anyone.” Michele

Are you having low back pain?

“Lumbar pain – was a deranged disc. Katie fixed me right up in a couple of weeks. And now my range of motion is better than before the injury. Resuming running / yoga….” Andrew

Are you having ankle pain?

“I was hopeful my chronic ankle pain could be helped. I am now almost as capable in my ankle as pre-injury. This is the most relief I have felt in half a decade.”     Michael

What kind of pain are you having?

“I recently scheduled a visit at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy because I had a wonderful successful experience here in the past.

This time proved to be just as wonderful and definitely successful!

I truly appreciated everyone here and especially the fact that Nick & Katie will make sure everything the patient came in for is well without any unnecessary visits.”    Julie

Let your New Years resolution be

one of these testimonials.

Rid yourself of pain and get back to pre-injury levels!