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A message from Nick Rinard owner-physical therapist regarding corona virus pandemic and clinic status

A message from Nick Rinard, owner/physical therapist, regarding Corona Virus Pandemic and clinic status: 

As a physical therapist I take your health and well-being seriously – it is my number one concern.  I have thought long and hard about what would be best for you during the Corona Virus Pandemic – to continue treating patients as usual, or take preventative measures to limit unnecessary exposure in our clinic.  P.T. is primarily about preventing worse health outcomes such as: preventing surgery, preventing disability, preventing falls, preventing heart disease, to name but a few.  I have chosen to inform myself on the scientific information available regarding the spread of the Corona Virus to date, and I have paid close attention to actions taken by governmental and community leaders in the attempt to limit spread of the virus.  I have weighted the financial costs of remaining open as a clinic compared to closing the clinic entirely – including consequences for our staff – staff that are like family to me.  There is no easy solution. 

I have taken the difficult decision to postpone in-person visits until March 30, 2020.  I will be assessing the situation leading up to that date and give updates.  This decision is my contribution to our over-all healthcare delivery system to not inadvertently participate in corona virus spread.  Since Oregon does not have adequate testing, there could be asymptomatic carriers of the virus in wither staff or patients that could potentially lead to more and more infections.  So many infections at once would overwhelm hospitals leading to a shortage of needed supplies for the unfortunate ones who might not get just a mild case.  As a healthcare provider of physical therapy, I understand that physical therapy may need to take a back seat in this pandemic.  We will live to fight another day!

Current patients can expect a call from me or my staff soon, if you have not already received a call offering you to either postpone your upcoming appointment, or opt-in to a telehealth appointment instead.  This will be a new service by Nick Rinard Physical Therapy, and you will be participating in a pilot program for which there is a low fee and no insurance involvement.  I wish to donate hours of my time serving you, but also defray our fixed costs of staying in business.  I believe this scenario will be temporary, and we will be in business long into the future to serve you and for me to continue to fulfill my personal passion as a physical therapist. 

New patients should continue to call for advice on a telehealth evaluation and follow-up video appointments.  While not as good as an in-person evaluation, we may find that it is still of value and your physical problem can be helped initially.  I would like to try this as a pilot program and offer you a lower fee because of that.  I would be honored if you gave me the chance to try to help you in this way.

As a consideration, I will personally review cases in which an in-person clinic appointment may serve you best, if exposure risk can be assessed and mitigated appropriately beforehand.  I am here for you.

I wish you all good health and safety now and always.  I thank you for your understanding and willingness to adapt to our current Corona Virus environment.  Please continue to call in for information and possible telehealth physical therapy services from the “clinic that get results, even with the toughest cases”.

Respectfully yours,

Nick Rinard, owner/physical therapist at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy