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Sun is happening in the PNW

Sunny days and hotter temperatures are on their way.

Summer weather may be here – but we may not be summer ready.

View of Columbia gorge from Mosier Oregon.

Here are some tips to keep you safe and healthy this weekend:

Please remember to wear sunscreen, stay hydrated in the heat, keep out of the rivers as they are still to cold for swimming, and keep outside activities adjusted to what your body can handle.

Have fun whatever your plans may be!


Medication, surgery or physical therapy?

When it comes to pain you have 3 major options:

Medication, surgery and physical therapy.

Out of the 3 – Physical Therapy is the first road to take.


Surgery is not a cure all when it comes to back pain.

Physical therapy restores movement, function and quality of life.

Physical therapy is cost saving over medications and surgery.

Injuries heal quicker with physical therapy.

Medications are just a quick fix.

Over the counter medicines have negative consequences with long term use.

Physical therapy helps manage chronic pain for life.

Physical therapy manages the effects of arthritis.

Physical therapy prevents joint pain and instabilities.

No risk profile for physical therapy.

Physical therapy is totally reversible and no toxicity.

Physical therapy is the most organic holistic approach that exists.

No unknown ingredients.


What are your reasons to choose physical therapy?


Is your sleep becoming compromised?

Get your sleep back by calling and scheduling your evaluation at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy today.

“I was not able to walk my usual 2 miles a day and I was having pain all day and night in the thigh.

Because I could not massage it out, I figured it was a spinal referral pain.

Having been “fixed” by the McKenzie Method of lower back pain after a fall in 2014, I asked my provider for a referral here.

I can walk as much as I want now. I can sleep with no pain.”



Get your confidence back at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy

“I was recommended to investigate the McKenzie Method for my recover, especially as my pain had greatly increased and did not seem to be improving.

The PT folks I was seeing at that time recommend that I check you all out as practitioners of this method. Although eventually we all concluded that a follow up surgery to replace my disk is necessary.

I have much more confidence that I will be able to live a life pain-free, or much reduced.

At the moment I can stand straighter than before, can drives for a short distance if necessary, and better manage my own pain w/o opioids.”



Flying through the seasons

I hope that you stayed well and active during this beautiful warm October. It is hard to believe that we already flew through the beginning of the new school year and Halloween activities!

The leaves have turned colors and it is likely that many of you are starting to look into getting early bird deals on ski tickets and planning winter getaways. With that in mind, I wish to remind you to use this time to prepare your body for winter sports.

As you switch from your gardening and harvest collecting “exercises” to cardio and weights, make sure you have the proper knowledge and tools to keep your body healthy. If you need advice Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is here to help you make this transition! This way you are likely to avoid injuries and that disappointing muscle fatigue that causes you to stop too soon, while the snow on the slopes is just about to fall.

If the summer and beginning fall season vacations have not healed your injuries, now might be a good time to take care of them, before your insurance plan changes with the new calendar year.

               ~ All the best,   Krissy Brown-Marshall


Do you know someone in pain?

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy WANTS to help!

Send your friends, family and coworkers to Nick Rinard Physical Therapy for a free screen or full evaluation.

They will thank you for helping them find relief.

We will thank you for letting us help them be free of pain in just 6-8 visits before their deductible renews and they the New Year begins.


What are you going to do to beat the heat?

Don’t allow the heat stop you from enjoying the activities you love, but be smart about your time in the sun.

Tips to remember:

Be patient with your body. If you regularly exercise outdoors, it can take up to 2 weeks for you to acclimate to the hotter conditions.

Hot days are not the time to attempt to beat your best time, instead just enjoy yourself!

Stay hydrated! Make sure that whatever you are doing, you bring water with you. If you can, plan your activities for earlier in the day or late at night when the temperatures are cooler.

We care about you!

Don’t deal with the pain, heal it with help at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy this summer.


Get evaluated as soon as possible after a car accident.

The best thing you can do for yourself after being involved in a car accident is to get evaluated at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy RIGHT AWAY- do not delay to give yourself the best chance at healing properly.

“I came in to get evaluated for a possible injury from a car wreck. I was then treated for whiplash.

I have improved range of motion in my neck now.

I now have an easier time sleeping on my side that I had before the injury.

My back feels strong now when lifting heavy weights as well.”


Surgery is NOT always the answer for a slipped disk.


Physical Therapy should be your first step.

Get back to feeling better at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy.

“I had a slipped disc and a pinched nerve.

The original instance gave me severe pain in my leg and numbness in my facet.

Through physical therapy progress, my pain was greatly reduced and the numbness decreased.

I came here barely able to walk or stand and now I can do both.

While not 100% cured, I have the tools to keep moving forward and continuing to improve my injury.”