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Are you struggling with unclear medical costs and afraid to get help for the pain you are currently experiencing?

This year has brought a lot of unknowns and increased patients’ fear to getting care they need.

You may have noticed that it is getting increasingly difficult for you to get the treatment you prescribe. This can only have negative effects on your overall health for the next few years to follow.

If it’s not fears related to Covid-19, patients are looking at high deductibles, out of pocket costs, required authorizations, and low number of authorized visit per benefit year.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy’s focused treatment get’s our patients results within just 3-4 visits. 

We promise to discharge you and refer you back to your most trusted health care provider for further evaluation if there is not significant improvement after 4 visits.

We don’t want you taking any unnecessary risks, wasting time or money for ineffective therapies!

You will feel better with the right treatment!

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