Clinical Conversations

Balance and Aging

It is general knowledge that, as we age, our sensory systems start to decline. This includes sight, smell, temperature regulation and balance mechanisms.  It’s important to have good balance because if it declines, you are at a higher risk for falling.  And falling, results in injuries that can greatly affect your life.

Exercises that Challenge your Balance

What many people don’t know, is that you can work on making your balance stronger, just like you do a muscle: by exercising it!  What physical therapy aims to do, is find exercises that challenge your balance system, so that your body must learn to adapt to certain situations and re-train itself on what to do.

Static and Dynamic Exercises

Physical Therapists can provide both static and dynamic exercises for you, depending on what is most challenging.  Exercises can be very simple and integrated during daily routines- like balancing on one leg while brushing your teeth.

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