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Do you know what your health insurance actually covers?

Do you have the feeling, or expect, that Physical Therapy should be covered by your insurance?

Physical therapy providers are starting to identify some very good reasons why involving your insurance may NOT be in your best interest!

Just like filing an auto insurance claim for damage that doesn’t meet your deductible – it is often best to forego involving your insurance and just pay out of pocket. There is no need to inform your car insurance that there was any damage and risk them increasing your premiums the next time your policy renews. It is the same with filing a health insurance claim. Filing a small claim for physical therapy can have negative complications and unintended consequences. Especially when you can get diagnosed in 2-4 visit at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy, and get good results soon after that, it is better to not have your insurance medaling in your physical therapy affairs by questioning whether you “deserve” physical therapy or not.

Health insurance companies are demanding more and more that patients meet certain criteria, through one-size-fits-none measurements to either deny you care, or begrudgingly agree to authorize just a limited number of visits. This is insulting to your legitimate pain, and disrespectful of your medical providers who should be the only ones deciding if you need care or not.  Also, your insurance reserves the right to determine – even after the fact – that your care is/was not “medically necessary” and deny your claims leaving you with an unforeseeable bill. This really is unethical and undermines your relationship with your provider.  Also, insurance companies are increasing your cost of care to save themselves money with patient portions closer and closer to the total bill. You, the patient, are better off just paying at time of service at our clinic and not bothering with the extra headache, expense, and disrespectful treatment associated with filing insurance claims – even though you are totally legitimate!

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy’ wants to save you money. Our pay at time of service rate eliminates billing uncertainties from insurance companies. We are making visits more affordable and getting better health outcomes for patients. Advantages to paying at time of service include that patients get uninterrupted service, higher quality care they can trust, hassle-free billing, and no surprise bills at the end. It really is a win – win for both providers and patients for those with high deductibles, who want care out-of-network, who are self-employed, self-insured, expired PIPs and for people who have health savings accounts.

Now is the time to stop insurance companies from unethically pretending to be medical providers and payment specialists that do not have the patients’ best interest at heart. We are your providers working for you! It is our oath get you results, free of pain and back to living life… We know health insurance companies cannot promise the same.