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We are so pleased that our MDT method is receiving more and more medical validation!

However, with more validation in the rehab community, Nick Rinard Physical Therapy has since noticed a trend of clinics advertising use of the method but none of their physical therapists were actually certified in MDT.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapist is certified in the methodology for the last 21 years.

  1. The MDT history reveals the “nature of the pathology” better than taking a traditional history.  For example:  runners often attribute “running” as the cause of LBP.  MDT questioning, however, usually reveals that the LBP is better during the run, with pain commencing sometime after.  Further questioning reveals that it is typically the lumbar flexion involved in stretching the hamstrings afterwards that causes LBP!        
  • The current understanding of tendonitis has caused a shift in medial thinking so much that a new term is now used for the chronic version:  “tendonosis” or “tendonopathy”.  These terms indicate that the condition is non-inflammatory – in other words, mechanical.  Only dosed, targeted mechanical loading causes tissue adaptation and functional recovery.  That is exactly how we have been treating chronic “tendonitis”!

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