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Don’t waste MVA PIP on treatment that does not get results!

Here is what patients said about how Nick Rinard helped them after a car accident:

“Within 6 weeks, my neck went from pain and spasms and weakness to where I couldn’t lift my head off the bed, back to full range of motion and endurance for skiing three times this past week!”  ~Jessica

“This was the third PT program I had been referred to since my MVA. This was the only one of three that is providing relief on a continuing, improving basis for my mid to high back pain.”   ~Paul         

“I am now able to wash my hair and lots of other activities without my left arm getting spasms-and if it starts to act up, I can stop it myself.  I can also sleep on my left arm again-I was not able to before my treatment.” ~ Beverly

Strengthen your MVA case by getting treatment with Nick Rinard Physical Therapy!

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