Clinical Conversations

Flying through the seasons

I hope that you stayed well and active during this beautiful warm October. It is hard to believe that we already flew through the beginning of the new school year and Halloween activities!

The leaves have turned colors and it is likely that many of you are starting to look into getting early bird deals on ski tickets and planning winter getaways. With that in mind, I wish to remind you to use this time to prepare your body for winter sports.

As you switch from your gardening and harvest collecting “exercises” to cardio and weights, make sure you have the proper knowledge and tools to keep your body healthy. If you need advice Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is here to help you make this transition! This way you are likely to avoid injuries and that disappointing muscle fatigue that causes you to stop too soon, while the snow on the slopes is just about to fall.

If the summer and beginning fall season vacations have not healed your injuries, now might be a good time to take care of them, before your insurance plan changes with the new calendar year.

               ~ All the best,   Krissy Brown-Marshall