Clinical Conversations

Get informed!

Do you know the difference between in-network versus out-of-network terms that insurance companies use (to scare you)?

When a doctor signs a contract to be “in-network” with an insurance company, they are actually pledging to become an “agent” of the insurance company, and do what is best for the insurance.  They are restricted from advocating for their patients, which awkwardly creates a conflict of interest.  They are also agreeing to take lower and lower payments that may not cover the basic expense of what it costs to actually treat a patient – they are choosing to cut costs at the expense of quality.

Instead of seeing your doctor, you are seeing a “care extender”.

Instead of spending a full session with a provider you are spending more time with assistants.

Instead of having a provider that listens, you have a provider that is doing paper work.

Get your benefits checked with Nick Rinard Physical Therapy, even if you’re “out-of-network” you may be surprised what you find.

Even if we are “out of network”, Nick Rinard Physical Therapy gets results in fewer visits than other PT clinics, so your total out of pocket costs may not actually be more than lower quality “in-network” clinics.  Cost per visit is not relevant if there are fewer visits, and you actually get better!

Everyone deserves quality care!