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Thank you Randy for your Nick Rinard Physical Therapy experience with the world!

“I lost 90% of the strength in my right thumb. I saw my primary care doctor took some X-rays of my neck where there was significant degradation to my C3/C4 which would explain the loss of strength and increasing pain that I was feeling most likely due to a pinched nerve. We started with an anti-inflammatory medication that eased the pain and restored a little bit of strength and motion but it was temporary and the meds are very harsh and not a long term option. Next step would have been spinal surgery which in my mind wasn’t an option. Decided to visit Nick again. My first time seeing him he helped me back to strength after a medial meniscus hook tear surgery to my right knee. I wanted to see if he could help resolve the problem using PT and not drugs or surgery. I saw him for about 2 months about once per week. Today, yes more than 1 year later I have about 90% of my strength back and 100% of motion back. It took more than 1 year but I now have the tools and the habits to manage it. No surgery, no drugs. Just paying attention to how I sleep with proper neck support, how I sit when working at the computer and exercises that I can do while working to keep improving. Nick gave me the tools and methods to make this happen. Highly Highly recommended. Helped me out twice now.” Randy 09-29-30