Clinical Conversations

Has your doctor referred you to physical therapy but you are afraid of piling medical bills?


        Are you finding yourself hesitant to schedule a physical therapy appointment these days?  As insurance covers less and less of physical therapy costs, it is more important than ever that the physical therapy you have been prescribed actually works!  There is nothing worse than receiving a bill from 12, 14, or even 20 visits at traditional physical therapy when it was not effective!

         If you are in pain, you should call Nick Rinard Physical Therapy first. We get results in an average of only 6 visits!  Nick Rinard physical therapists got patients 93% better in only 6.5 visits, when the national (and Portland) average was only 73% better in 11.1 visits.  This means Nick Rinard is TWICE AS EFFECTIVE – and worth the money.

         We check benefits for you so you know what it will cost upfront.  If we are not contracted with a particular insurance, we offer out discounted family and friends rate, no insurance, no bill in the end. We would rather give you a discount than give the insurance the “provider discount”.