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Have a very Happy 4th of July weekend: Be smart in the sun.


Don’t allow the heat to keep you from enjoying the summer activities you love, but be smart about your time in the sun.
Here are some tips to help you celebrate and be at your best this weekend:

• Be patient with your body. If you regularly exercise outdoors, it can take up to 2 weeks for you to acclimate to the hotter conditions.

• Pay attention to the humidity level. High humidity means that the body can’t cool off as efficiently (sweat won’t evaporate as readily). This can also lead to increased fluid loss as your body continues to try and regulate its temperature, so drink more fluids and reduce the intensity of your activity.

• Sweat is made up of more than just water. Be sure that you are replenishing electrolytes if you are active for a prolonged period.

• Come to terms with the fact that you will be slower. Hot days are not the time to try and beat your best time-just enjoy yourself!

• Stay hydrated! Make sure that whatever you are doing, you bring water with you. It is more difficult for your body to regulate its temperature under dehydration, increasing risk of heat stroke.

• If you can, plan your activities for earlier in the day or late at night when the temperatures are cooler.

Always be safe, be smart, take care of yourself and one another.