Clinical Conversations

Is your “In-network” PT helping you get rid of your back pain in the first visit?

A generic referral to an “in-network” PT isn’t always your best option.

Take Sean’s results. Nick Rinard has helped him over the last 15 years. Nick Rinard has saved him time, money and helped him live a life free from back pain.

“Low back pain [prompted him to schedule a visit].

Now [I] can walk, run, sit without pain.

I first came to Rinard Therapy 15 years ago, when I was experiencing back pain so severe I could barely walk.

My health plan PT didn’t help, but luckily a friend steered me to Rinard.

They had me diagnosed and pain reduce from the first session.

I’ve come back a few times over the years, when pain returned.

Rinard has always carefully re-diagnosed me and updated my PT to resolve the problems.”