Clinical Conversations

Medication, surgery or physical therapy?

When it comes to pain you have 3 major options:

Medication, surgery and physical therapy.

Out of the 3 – Physical Therapy is the first road to take.


Surgery is not a cure all when it comes to back pain.

Physical therapy restores movement, function and quality of life.

Physical therapy is cost saving over medications and surgery.

Injuries heal quicker with physical therapy.

Medications are just a quick fix.

Over the counter medicines have negative consequences with long term use.

Physical therapy helps manage chronic pain for life.

Physical therapy manages the effects of arthritis.

Physical therapy prevents joint pain and instabilities.

No risk profile for physical therapy.

Physical therapy is totally reversible and no toxicity.

Physical therapy is the most organic holistic approach that exists.

No unknown ingredients.


What are your reasons to choose physical therapy?