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Nick Rinard Physical Therapy: When to use a modality and why.

Here at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy, our primary focus is on identifying the mechanical cause of pain and the exercises needed to correct it.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy Ultrasound Machine, when to use a modality

What is ultrasound? How does it work? Let’s take a look!

Ultrasound waves are sent into the tissues using a handheld probe causing the tissues to vibrate. This vibration can have multiple benefits by breaking down scar tissue to aide in improving function and increasing local blood flow to reduce inflammation and pain. When tissues are inflamed, the cells have to work overtime. This extra work causes increased need for nutrition and increased production of cellular waste, but without an increase in the cells ability to process this waste. The ultrasound vibrations literally shake the waste material out of the cells, which helps them to work more efficiently.

Pretty cool, huh?! Any other science enthusiasts find this fascinating??