Clinical Conversations

Nick Rinard PT can help!

Give yourself advantage over your symptoms!

   The more you know, the better you can arrest the pain you experience.

 Educating oneself is a great form of exercise.

    Give yourself the knowledge to control, manage, prevent and understand your…..

1. Neck pain   

2. Shoulder pain

3. Elbow pain

4. Wrist pain

5. Back pain

6. Hip pain

7. Knee pain

8. Ankle pain

9. Foot pain

Even if your symptoms are:

  -Chronic in nature

  -Resulted after surgery

  – Postural related

  -Work station associated

  – Response to a car accident

  – Triggered with repetitive use

  – Pre/post pregnancy related

  – Occurs during/after exercise

  – Coupled with prolonged stress

  – Undiagnosed by your physician

  – Initiated from previous therapies

Empower yourself.

Prevent your pain before it occurs.

Get educated relief from your aches.