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RinardPT Monthly – August 2014

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RinardPT Monthly


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Volume 6, Issue 6
August 2014

Now a Preferred Provider With

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield!

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is now IN-NETWORK with Blue Cross Blue Shield!

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy Now Blue Cross Preferred

We make every effort to make treatment affordable, and believe that we save patients time and money by providing our specialized care,
regardless of insurance coverage.

Not sure of your physical therapy insurance coverage?
Nick Rinard Physical Therapy checks insurance for ALL patients at no cost!
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RinardPT patients get Results:

Don’t take our word for it

“After 1.5 years of caregiving for my sweet husband, I found my back was shot and motion difficult. You discovered that I was shifted to the left and not using my muscles symmetrically (what muscle I had, which wasn’t much!). The gradual prescription of more exercises for core strengthening (after correcting the shift) has been phenomenal. I am so glad to have my body working for me again, instead of yelling at me for living my life.”
-Shirley 07/29/2014
“I came to Nick Rinard PT with a chronic pain in my left shoulder area. I sit a lot: driving, computer work, TV, etc. I would go to the chiropractor one a month for relief, but the pain never went away. I finally went to my doctor who referred me to Nick. I was seen by Megan who spent a lot of time troubleshooting my pain. She came up with an exercise that gave me relief on the spot. I went home and performed the exercise several times per day. Within 3 days, the pain was completely gone! I went for one follow-up visit (only my 2nd visit) and was given instructions on how to incorporate the exercise as part of my ongoing therapy. This place is great!”
-James 07/07/2014


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In just 5-10 minutes, MDT can determine if your pain is mechanical or not. If so, we can help get you out of pain and back to enjoying your life.


How Important is Your Posture?


In fact, almost all of our patients are instructed in proper posture as a part of therapy.
Want to get the most mileage from your spine? Straighten up!
If you’re unable to sit up straight without pain, it’s time to give us a call.

Bad Posture at Computer Causes Undue Stress on your Back

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