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In just 15 minutes, Nick Rinard Physical Therapy can determine if your pain may be mechanical.

If so, we can then evaluate to help get you out of pain and back to enjoying your life.


Referrals come from your friends!

In the past, we used to go to a doctor we had known for most of our lives -for everything.

They saw us at our worst  and would send us off to a place that was best suited to get us better.

All that has changed in the last 10 years. No longer are you with a doctor, but you are guided by a corporation of doctors.  You are scheduled to see someone in your group  of OHSU, Legacy, Providence, or Kaiser just to name a few in the Portland area.  If your doctor leaves, you stay and get a new one and now when they refer you out, it is to another specialist in the same corporation– whether they can get you better or not.

It is the people around you who know you best. Your friends and family are the new source of advice. They want to always see you at your best– trust their recommendations in Nick Rinard Physical Therapy! 

Getting patient  results for the last 20+ years.


Share your Nick Rinard Physical Therapy experience.

We want to share your good experience at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy with the world, and your online reviews make a big difference.  Included are hyperlinks to leave your reviews, thank you in advance!




Share you Nick Rinard Physical Therapy Results with the World!

We want to share your good experience at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy with the world, and your online reviews make a big difference. Included are links where you can leave your reviews, thank you in advance!





20 years of service

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy has been helping people with the Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy method for over 19 years . 2019 Marks the 20 years of service!
WE have helped so many of you get back to a pain-free life.

Thank you for giving Nick Rinard Physical Therapy the
pleasure of getting YOU RESULTS! Thank you for your continued support by keeping us informed that you are still doing your exercises! We are proud to be a part of your journey.

Are you or any of your friends and family not getting results from other physical therapy methods?
Call 503-244-6232 today!


Nick Rinard Physical Therapist has been involved in mountain rescue

Remembering the Mount Hood tragedy and all the people lost in 1986. Nick climbed Mount Hood on the 1 year anniversary, and was involved in mountain rescue for several years. Thought you might find it interesting how the school is keeping memory of the diseased students alive.


Mount Hood’s Deadliest Disaster | Outside Online…/mount-hood-disaster-1986 Nov 1, 2018 – The Oregon Episcopal School Mount Hood climb remains, to this day, the second-deadliest alpine accident in North American history, ….. The historical record—which includes dozens of news articles from 1986 and the years …


Nick Rinard Physical Therapy can help you rapidly reverse your low back pain “No area of clinical over-treatment is as egregious as musculoskeletal care. Mis-diagnoses…

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Caring honestly get results

Care influences outcomes, outcomes influence care. It's this simple equation that makes clinical data collection and…

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