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RinardPT Monthly – January 2015

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Volume 7, Issue 1
January 2015

Megan is Now a MDT-Certified Physical Therapist!

We are so excited and proud that Megan’s hard work has paid off and she is now a certified MDT therapist, just like Nick!

The MDT certification is a LOT of work, requiring that several courses be taken and a thorough exam be completed in order to earn the honor of having ‘Cert. MDT’ after your name.

We hope you will join us in congratulating Megan on what has been a two-year effort for her! Those of you who have been helped by Megan know how knowledgeable she really is, and we thank you for spreading the word on how MDT at Nick Rinard PT helped you!

And in case you were wondering, she didn’t just pass the exam, she ACED IT!

Megan Plante PT Cert MDT at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy patients get Results:

Don’t just take our word for it

“I came in to Nick Rinard PT as a result of an MVA. I came in with neck and shoulder pain, headaches daily, decreased range of motion, and limited abilities at work and home.
After treatment the headaches are gone, range of motion is back and I am no longer limited in what I can do at home or at work.
The treatment was very simple and exercises were easy to do. I appreciate the Physical Therapists’ ability to translate the proper treatment into simple user-friendly exercises.”
-Andy 12/30/2014
“The treatment here was very effective. The staff and therapists work very well with one another and are consistent in case management. They were able to quickly identify my issue and moved toward resolution.”
-Lucas 12/10/2014


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(503) 244-6232

In just 5-10 minutes, MDT can determine if your pain is mechanical or not. If so, we can help get you out of pain and back to enjoying your life.

Happy New Year!

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The beginning of a new year is so exciting! A fresh start with new goals and new beginning.
If you, like so many others, have made a resolution to get healthier this year, Nick Rinard PT may be able to help.
It is very difficult to stay active when you’re in pain!
Our MDT certified physical therapists can help keep you on track, and can teach you how to move to prevent injuries! Don’t allow pain to stand in the way of your goals!

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