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RinardPT Monthly – July 2014

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RinardPT Monthly

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Volume 6, Issue 5
July 2014

We Appreciate YOU!

Did you know that you help make up 40% of the patients we see? Yes, YOU!

40% of the patients we treat are past patients returning for a different issue, or patients referred to Nick Rinard Physical Therapy by a past patient.

You make up 40 Percent of RinardPT

We want you to know that we appreciate you, and that despite all the changes that have happened to healthcare (and those to come) YOU are still still our first priority. We are committed to your PT being as effective as possible, and are still working hard to get you better in an average of 6-8 visits!

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RinardPT patients get Results:

Don’t take our word for it

“I came to Nick Rinard Physical Therapy hoping to find relief from debilitating neck pain-24/7-which had mysteriously begun about 2 weeks prior to my first visit. My husband had been treated here a few years ago-also for neck problems.
Within a few sessions my range of motion, with little to no pain, had improved tremendously! In addition, I was given specific ‘exercises’ I can easily do on my own to further improve movement, and to hopefully prevent the neck problem from happening again. Thank you!”
-Doris 06/24/2014  (5 visits total)
“I had severe neck pain and limited movement of my head-both up and down, and left to right.
The pain has now been almost completely taken care of and normal motion has returned. The exercises given have really helped.”
-James 06/03/2014 (6 visits total)


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In just 5-10 minutes, MDT can determine if your pain is mechanical or not. If so, we can help get you out of pain and back to enjoying your life.


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We are continuing to expand our collection of articles!

Here are a couple of the subjects we’ve recently covered:

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Mechanical Pain versus Muscle Soreness : Learn to tell the difference!

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