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RinardPT Monthly – November 2014

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Volume 6, Issue 9
November 2014

Are you putting off getting help?

With the end of the year quickly approaching, NOW may be the BEST time to get the treatment you need for your aches and pains!

With an average number of visits of just 6-8, you can likely complete treatment before the end of the year (when most insurance deductibles renew).Photo of Fall Colors and Harvest Foods with Card wishing Happy Thanksgiving from Nick Rinard Physical Therapy

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy patients get Results:

Don’t just take our word for it

“Thanks for the great care and customer service. It has been lovely working with the entire group. The McKenzie (MDT) method of PT was new to me. I was a bit skeptical as to the outcomes we could realize. But, after achieving the results I now have, I must admit that this type of PT has been a particularly positive experience for me. Since beginning treatment, I have less chronic back pain from my scoliosis, the exercises required have been easy to follow & execute, and for once I am looking forward to a stronger, more physically fit life. Previously, I was certain my chronic back pain caused in some part by scoliosis was only going to get worse and handicap me for the rest of my life. I am thrilled to find how wrong I was. I am sincerely appreciative.”
-Janelle 10/23/2014
“My family doctor sent me to Nick Rinard PT. I thought physical therapy was going to happen to me. Naps, massage, hot water, electrocution, and other pleasant things. I was surprised to find myself in mechanical diagnosis class. I learned a lot. Thank you!”
-Jeremy 10/17/2014


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In just 5-10 minutes, MDT can determine if your pain is mechanical or not. If so, we can help get you out of pain and back to enjoying your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy will be CLOSED for Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 27th 2014.

From everyone at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and loved ones.

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