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RinardPT Monthly – September 2014

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Volume 6, Issue 7
September 2014

Waiting to start PT after an accident can actually INCREASE your healing time

Some people are told to “rest” for 4-6 weeks before starting therapy after an accident.  The problem with this? There are many things a person can do immediately after a car accident to facilitate healing and prevent dysfunction.

RinardPT recommends immediate treatment after Auto Accident

All too often, we see people 6 months or more after a car accident (MVA). Without exercises at home, the picture is this: limited, painful movement of the spine or joint, global weakness, and poor posture that becomes painful when corrected.
The same is true for other types of trauma as well! Prolonged rest causes stiffness, and can lead to increased pain.
Nick Rinard Physical Therapy has a very effective treatment protocol that helps patients avoid loss in range in motion, and decrease pain!
Read more about this in our post “Why is it important to start therapy after a motor vehicle accident (MVA)

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RinardPT patients get Results:

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“I’ve had back pain for 3 years. My doctor and other physical therapists were unable to diagnose or treat the pain. Nick Rinard PT was able to give me exercises and treatments that have reduced the level of pain, and to make it go away following the exercises. Pain levels have gone from a level three (out of 10) to a one.”
-Gregg 08/20/2014
“I want to thank Ms. Megan Plante for turning my life around. When I can to your clinic suffering relentless pain and weakened from nerve trauma, and having experienced a severe drug reaction, I was not only in a state of withering health from these pathologies; I was also in a diminished mental state. Megan changed all that. With sincere dedication and intensive study and planning, she not only trained my body to a state of improved muscle function and control, she also gave me the encouragement I needed to achieve an improved mental outlook.
In short, Megan turned it all around to the point where my general health is now, in some ways, actually better than before the onset of this malady. I’ll always be grateful.”
-Terry 08/21/2014


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