Clinical Conversations

Safety and quality care: What to expect in a time of a pandemic.

I need this physical therapy appointment.                                                                          

I attest that the benefit of physical therapy outweighs the risk of corona virus, at this time, in my case.                                                                                                   

I do not or have not had flu-like symptoms within the last 2 weeks.                             

I have not been exposed to others who were sick in the last 2 weeks.                                

I do NOT have a fever.                          

I am in compliance with local and state Covid-19 restrictions.               

I am complying with social distancing.

I will wear a face cover when at physical therapy.

I will wash/sanitize my hands before AND after physical therapy.

I agree that the clinic is doing its best to protect me and its staff.

You can expect that every employee and patient you pass in our clinic is able to check YES to get treatment at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy. We have all our patients and the community health at heart!