Clinical Conversations

Thank you Nadia for sharing your experience on google!

The best and most effective treatment at Nick’s Rinard Physical Therapy.
It started with me when I had a car accident, which resulted in a very bad back, elbow and neck pain and daily headaches. At first, I paid many visits to several different PT’s for months with no good results, somewhat the pain got even worse. One day my coworker said to me “you should go to Nick Rinard‘s clinic, I know he will help you”. So, I am glad I did! First of all I must say all staff at this place are very professional and friendly. Just after one visit, Nick Rinard was able to fix my elbow. Treated my back and my neck, educated me what exercises and stretches I can do at home. It didn’t take long and after a month or so, I was free of pain. I hear from some people that tennis elbow pain is for life, I tell them go to Nick Rinard‘s PT and he will fix it in one or two visits. The treatment is well customized for each patient based on their issues. Nick Rinard also does consultation at the first visit and able to determine if your pain is mechanical, if so, he will evaluate and help you be free of pain. I refer all my friends and my family to Nick Rinard‘s, knowing that they will have the best care possible. Thank you Nick for your service!