Clinical Conversations

Happy New Year!!

What a year to review!

Are you having shoulder pain?

“After surgery on my left shoulder I needed a ton of help regaining movement & strength.

I can do pretty much everything that I could do before my injury now – which I didn’t expect would be possible so THANK YOU SO MUCH!“


Are you having low back pain?

“I came after severe back pain. I was not able to bend over, walk for extended time, or sit without pain.

Right away I had better results from doing the exercises I was shown then I had ever had with my previous therapist.

I feel like we went at a good pace and throughout my treatment I have been able to increase my overall activity and quality of life.

I have been given the knowledge and tools I need to manage my pain on my own and my back pain has greatly improved!”


Are you having knee pain?

“I chose to come here because I read such great reviews.

After reading just a few, I knew this was the place where I needed to be.

I came for my knee, but after completing physical therapy for it, it feel like a lot more than just my knee has improved.

I have better knowledge of mind and body connection, much better balance, and my whole body is stronger overall.

This office has great energy and everyone who needs physical therapy should come here! ”


Failed back surgery?

“I was recommended to investigate the McKenzie Method for my recover, especially as my pain had greatly increased and did not seem to be improving.

The PT folks I was seeing at that time recommend that I check you all out as practitioners of this method. Although eventually we all concluded that a follow up surgery to replace my disk is necessary.

I have much more confidence that I will be able to live a life pain-free, or much reduced.

At the moment I can stand straighter than before, can drives for a short distance if necessary, and better manage my own pain w/o opioids.”


Let your New Year resolution be one of these testimonials.

Rid yourself of pain and get back to pre-injury/surgery levels!