Clinical Conversations

Individual Care: Scientifically Valid and Effective

While treating a patient at the clinic last week, I was struck with her bravery.  She described having previously sought physical therapy treatment for her injury at a different clinic.  She had the discouraging experience of being treated by a different person at each appointment, and felt she had to explain her injury again and again.  She says she was given a “one size fits all” exercise handout and when she was not successful with the exercises, no adaptations were offered to her.

Amazingly, this lady had the courage to self-advocate for better care.  How many like her would be stranded at an impasse?  She had the good fortune of having a friend who recommended the Nick Rinard Physical Therapy team to her. I’m happy to report that she is excelling here and is now ready to continue independently much sooner than expected.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is a specialty type of physical therapy which helps most people.  The methods we use are the most scientifically valid in all of physical therapy today; and all of our therapists are trained in this specialty of mechanical diagnosis and treatment. From the patient’s perspective, you will undergo a thorough evaluation designed to find the true cause of your pain or symptoms. The main aim of the evaluation is to determine whether the pain is “mechanical” or “non-mechanical.”

If it is mechanical, and it is treatable, then you will start a corrective program on day one that is custom designed to suit your needs.  We also equip all of our patients with a home exercise program and the tools they need to prevent this problem from recurring in the future.

You deserve to be individually evaluated, treated, and supported in a plan of care that is scientifically valid and effective.  If you have had a disappointing physical therapy experience at another clinic, we urge you to come see us and let us demonstrate the difference that our high quality, dedicated staff can make for you.

  • Margo Burette, PT, DPT