Clinical Conversations

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy: Getting patients the best results in the increasingly confusing world of “deductibles.”

Did you know that most health plans now have deductibles that apply for ancillary services, including PT?

Many of our patients are unaware of that fact, and sound genuinely surprised when we verify insurance benefits for them.

Since patients’ face a high deductible at any PT clinic they attend, it makes sense for them to go where they will get the best results!

Our results have been measured, and one visit at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is worth two visits at the average Portland area PT clinic.

Specifically, Nick Rinard patients reported 92.5% over-all improvement (versus 73.43% Portland area), in only 6.5 visits (versus 11.16 visits Portland area).

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is confident patients will get the best results with us, and want to make it possible for them to schedule without hesitation.