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Considering back surgery?

When you’re in pain, it may seem that anything that is going to make you feel better seems worth it.

But will back surgery alleviate your pain?

And is it really the quickest route to recovery?

Many times, the answer to both these questions is no. It wasn’t hard to find just 2 patients recently who received back surgery and were still in a great deal of pain-you can read their results bellow.

“After discussing my lower back pain with my nurse practitioner she prescribed my visit to Nick Rinard PT and was adamant I tried their program. Considering I live 70 miles away from their clinic, that was a big ask. The very first visit I learned a great deal about why I was in pain and had a plan in place. By the second visit I already started to notice results.”

“My experience with Nick Rinard and his whole team has been completely positive. Nick’s approach to physical therapy is consistently effective, easy to follow, and I have seen lasing results. The overall reduction in pain, increase in strength and improvement in my sense of personal control over my ability to manage what was once severe and extreme pain is nothing short of a miracle.”

Some people do need to undergo back surgery, but why not try Nick Rinard Cert MDT physical therapy first? Within 4 visits, our trained therapists can have you on the road to recovery, or recommend a next step for you if physical therapy is not your best solution.

Considering back surgery?

ONLY when all other avenues have been exhausted!