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Medical Advisory: MDT is a Superior Form of Physical Therapy

Medical Advisory: MDT is a Superior Form of Physical Therapy

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If you sustained your injuries in a motor vehicle accident, or work-related injury, then your chances of getting better are improved if you choose an MDT therapist. There is a financial advantage also since the total cost of your therapy will be less, based on the fewer number of visits MDT uses. Your PIP money will go further, and you will not have to sacrifice a large amount of money out of your settlement just to pay high physical therapy bills. If you are a worker, your case will be less likely to be denied if you are getting better faster, than if your recovery drags on. Believe me, insurance adjusters are less likely to keep your case open if you are not improving in physical therapy.

So you can see that MDT is a superior form of physical therapy. What about MDT compared to Chiropractic care? I tell my patients that Chiropractic treatment is indeed mechanical, but there are two distinct reasons it is not superior to MDT. The first reason has to do with the evaluation, and the second reason has to do with the treatment. A chiropractor first must take an X-ray to make the diagnosis. Unfortunately, there is little evidence to suggest a chiropractic diagnosis is reliable, and therefore, treatment based on an unreliable diagnosis is a guess at best. Secondly, chiropractic treatment is performed to the patient, not by the patient. Any improvement in the patient’s condition, therefore, is dependent on them going back for more visits! As mentioned, MDT treatments consist primarily of exercises that the patient performs so you can treat yourself when not in the clinic. This obviously results in less pain, a speedier recovery, less visits, and money saved!

By reading this essay, you are now equipped with knowledge to seek out the best care possible for your injuries. Don’t waste time going to traditional physical therapy, or chiropractic for many visits. It is better to get an MDT evaluation to determine if your condition will respond mechanically or not, and if it is mechanical, then the treatment is more effective and takes less time!

In closing, I would like to mention how MDT compared to traditional physical therapy in an objective study conducted by a third party. The average improvement in traditional physical was only 78 percent, and it took an average of 11 visits to achieve this. By contrast, MDT got patients 93 percent better in only 6.5 visits! The data speak for themselves. Don’t settle for less effective treatment for your injury – find a Cert MDT therapist who is using the MDT method properly, and get better faster!

Nick Rinard is president of, and a therapist at, Nick Rinard Physical Therapy, a private physical therapy clinic.