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We want to share with the world your great experience at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy and your online reviews make a big difference. We take great pride in the results we get for our patients and are always looking to improve our care and services. Your feedback helps us with our online exposure in reaching NEW patients so that they too can get back to pain-free living! Here are some options as to how you can leave your feedback to share with the world!


Google Review:

  1. On your computer or phone, open Google OR Google Maps. (Make sure you’re signed in with your Google account)
  2. Search for ‘Nick Rinard Physical Therapy’ or click here.
  3. Find and click the ‘Write a Review’ button on the Google Maps page. (Make sure it is for our SW PORTLAND LOCATION.)
  4. Once the window appears, click the number of stars to score our clinic and include your brief review underneath.

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  2. Find and click the ‘Reviews’ Tab
  3. Click on the ‘YES’ button and provide your score and a brief review.

These reviews should only take a few minutes to complete and go a long way in helping us reach patients we would not have previously!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you in advance and as always, we are here for YOU!


Erick Severo

Patient Representative

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy



A quarantine story: Patient perspective

“When quarantine began, I was in the middle of treatment for elbow, back and neck injuries caused by a December motor vehicle accident. I began lobbying my PIP carrier for tele-health sessions and ultimately received approval. They agreed to consider the treatments as if they occurred “in office.”

I have been able to consult with Nick about the body part causing the most pain at the time of the appointment. He has been able to review my exercises with me and modify them to decrease pain. He has worked with me to determine whether or not I am pushing too much or not enough to strengthen muscles. He can give me new exercises and check that I am executing them properly.

Nick has been able to watch me perform my lumbar and thoracic exercises. I adjust the camera so he can watch me while I am on the floor or bed. We can discuss the range of movement, how my pain levels are in comparison to my last in-person appointment and whether I am still performing the exercises correctly. He has inquired about my pain levels before and while exercising and modified the exercises I do to get better results.

For my neck, I can come closer to the camera to point out the exact part of my neck that is causing a problem. He can give me instructions on manual manipulation, heat and arnica for pain relief. He checks to see whether or not the pain is reducing or increasing while the exercises are being performed.

I am learning to better describe the site of pain, understand how the muscles respond to the exercises and how I can adjust what I do as I get stronger without creating a new problem. I can discuss whether or not I am overdoing an exercise and how to handle an exercise that suddenly causes a new pain.

Nick continues to evaluate, re-evaluate my progress and provide additional exercises or instructions as needed. We have a plan for increasing my stamina by using an exercise bike. There are still sites which need manipulations and pressure that can only occur in person. Until widespread testing and tracking occur, I must remain in quarantine due to my age and my asthma. While I would prefer in person visits, I have found tele-health to provide me with the best option for continuing treatment under quarantine conditions.” Bernadette



Did you know that the majority of patients at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy are actually returning patients referred from years ago, or have been referred by a past patient?

We have asked our patients how we compared to other PT they had tried.  Here’s a small sample of what they had to say:

‘The other PT office was more like mass production-routing patients through.’ –Bryan

‘(Nick Rinard PT is) way better.  You actually fix things. ’ -Georgeanne

‘Nick Rinard PT taught me how to fix the problem myself-other therapists didn’t.’ -Gail

Why is Nick Rinard Physical Therapy different?

-Specialized MDT training allows our physical therapists to target the cause of a patient’s pain, not just treat the symptoms.

-Patients see a physical therapist at each visit-never a PT Assistant. 

-Exercises are simple and can be done anywhere.  No gym, no binder full of exercises.  Most of our patients can control their symptoms with just one targeted exercise!

Patients get the tools they need to succeed at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy!



Nick Rinard Physical Therapy: Getting patients the best results in the increasingly confusing world of “deductibles.”

Did you know that most health plans now have deductibles that apply for ancillary services, including PT?

Many of our patients are unaware of that fact, and sound genuinely surprised when we verify insurance benefits for them.

Since patients’ face a high deductible at any PT clinic they attend, it makes sense for them to go where they will get the best results!

Our results have been measured, and one visit at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is worth two visits at the average Portland area PT clinic.

Specifically, Nick Rinard patients reported 92.5% over-all improvement (versus 73.43% Portland area), in only 6.5 visits (versus 11.16 visits Portland area).

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is confident patients will get the best results with us, and want to make it possible for them to schedule without hesitation.


Don’t waste MVA PIP on treatment that does not get results!

Here is what patients said about how Nick Rinard helped them after a car accident:

“Within 6 weeks, my neck went from pain and spasms and weakness to where I couldn’t lift my head off the bed, back to full range of motion and endurance for skiing three times this past week!”  ~Jessica

“This was the third PT program I had been referred to since my MVA. This was the only one of three that is providing relief on a continuing, improving basis for my mid to high back pain.”   ~Paul         

“I am now able to wash my hair and lots of other activities without my left arm getting spasms-and if it starts to act up, I can stop it myself.  I can also sleep on my left arm again-I was not able to before my treatment.” ~ Beverly

Strengthen your MVA case by getting treatment with Nick Rinard Physical Therapy!

Call 503-244-6232 to schedule and/or have your doctor fax 503-296-2305 your referral in today today.


Have a very Happy 4th of July weekend: Be smart in the sun.


Don’t allow the heat to keep you from enjoying the summer activities you love, but be smart about your time in the sun.
Here are some tips to help you celebrate and be at your best this weekend:

• Be patient with your body. If you regularly exercise outdoors, it can take up to 2 weeks for you to acclimate to the hotter conditions.

• Pay attention to the humidity level. High humidity means that the body can’t cool off as efficiently (sweat won’t evaporate as readily). This can also lead to increased fluid loss as your body continues to try and regulate its temperature, so drink more fluids and reduce the intensity of your activity.

• Sweat is made up of more than just water. Be sure that you are replenishing electrolytes if you are active for a prolonged period.

• Come to terms with the fact that you will be slower. Hot days are not the time to try and beat your best time-just enjoy yourself!

• Stay hydrated! Make sure that whatever you are doing, you bring water with you. It is more difficult for your body to regulate its temperature under dehydration, increasing risk of heat stroke.

• If you can, plan your activities for earlier in the day or late at night when the temperatures are cooler.

Always be safe, be smart, take care of yourself and one another.



Location up-date

At Nick Rinard PT, you can rest assured that we are putting your health and well-being first.

You may now find us at one central location off I-5, south of downtown.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy

9700 SW Capitol Hwy Suite 140Portland OR 97219

Phone: 503-244-6232




Safety and quality care: What to expect in a time of a pandemic.

I need this physical therapy appointment.                                                                          

I attest that the benefit of physical therapy outweighs the risk of corona virus, at this time, in my case.                                                                                                   

I do not or have not had flu-like symptoms within the last 2 weeks.                             

I have not been exposed to others who were sick in the last 2 weeks.                                

I do NOT have a fever.                          

I am in compliance with local and state Covid-19 restrictions.               

I am complying with social distancing.

I will wear a face cover when at physical therapy.

I will wash/sanitize my hands before AND after physical therapy.

I agree that the clinic is doing its best to protect me and its staff.

You can expect that every employee and patient you pass in our clinic is able to check YES to get treatment at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy. We have all our patients and the community health at heart!


Covid resources and update: Our clinic is ready for patients.

Please visit

Nick Rinard is following all of the before patients arrive, when patients arrive and after patients are assessed safety protocols. Our staff is trained and prepared for our patients.


All patient must be able to check correct to all the questions in the below questionnaire to be seen and must consent to having temperatures taken at time of check in.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy COVID-19 Safety Checklist:

Name:   __________________________________

I understand that Oregon and Washington have been doing their part in flattening the curve and that the COVID-19 emergency in local hospitals is beginning to improve.  With that in mind, I accept the risks of attending physical therapy by answering “✔” or ‘Correct” to all of the following:

I need this physical therapy appointment.                                                                  ✔      x

I attest that the benefit of physical therapy outweighs the risk of corona virus, at this time, in my case.                                    ✔         x

I do not or have not had flu-like symptoms within the last 2 weeks.                         ✔         x

I have not been exposed to others who were sick in the last 2 weeks.                        ✔         x

I do NOT have a fever.                              ✔  x                                                                 

I am in compliance with state “Stay Home, Save Lives” orders.                               ✔         x

I am complying with social distancing.   ✔        x                                                                   

I will wear a face cover when at physical therapy.                                                      ✔         x

I will wash/sanitize my hands before AND after physical therapy.                           ✔         x         

I agree that the clinic is doing its best to protect me and its staff.                             ✔         x

Clinic Temperature Reading (F°): ____________________

(Telehealth physical therapy online video appointments are still available to patients who feel it may be a better option – please contact our office for more information.)

Signed: ___________________________________      Date: ____________________


Covid-19 Update: Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is open to BOTH Tele-health AND in-person visits.


Nick Rinard has increased health and wellness procedures to protect patients at their normal in-person visits and continue to offer effective telehealth visits.  We are following all essential service guidelines and are able to provide a physically safe environment for all patients at this time. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact our office at 503-244-6232.