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Have you heard of the condition “tennis elbow”?

Did you know that it can be caused by activities other than tennis?!

Any activity that requires repetitive wrist movement can bring on pain at the elbow – like using a computer mouse!

With so many people – adults and children – relying more than ever on technology these days, this type of overuse injury is more likely to develop.

We are here to help! If you or someone you know is having pain, don’t wait! Call us today and get started on recovery.


Today I’d like to discuss the topic of accountability. That which helps you with your home exercise program so that you receive the maximum benefit from your physical therapy. I sought the help of two people I know rarely miss a workout. They use different strategies. One I like to call the “Pregame Plan” and the other is “Dress for Success Method.”

The Pregame Plan:
Every evening Nick lays out his workout clothes so when he wakes up the next morning, he is already prepared to follow through with his exercise agenda. Nick prioritizes self-care by getting his work out done before his work day begins so that he can benefit from the energizing effect of exercise throughout the day.

The Dress for Success Method:
After work each day, Erick changes out of his office attire and into his workout clothes. He allows himself an hour to decompress before heading to the gym. However, because he is already wearing his workout attire, he is prepared to follow through with exercise that day rather than surrender to the couch. Erick also organizes his workouts with his housemates, and they hold each other accountable by asking how each other’s workouts went that day.

What strategies do you use to help you remember to take good care of yourself? Are you more of a Pregame Planner or Dress for Success? Do you have a different method all together? Let us know what is helping you succeed with your accountability.

Margo Burette DPT


A quarantine story: Patient perspective

“When quarantine began, I was in the middle of treatment for elbow, back and neck injuries caused by a December motor vehicle accident. I began lobbying my PIP carrier for tele-health sessions and ultimately received approval. They agreed to consider the treatments as if they occurred “in office.”

I have been able to consult with Nick about the body part causing the most pain at the time of the appointment. He has been able to review my exercises with me and modify them to decrease pain. He has worked with me to determine whether or not I am pushing too much or not enough to strengthen muscles. He can give me new exercises and check that I am executing them properly.

Nick has been able to watch me perform my lumbar and thoracic exercises. I adjust the camera so he can watch me while I am on the floor or bed. We can discuss the range of movement, how my pain levels are in comparison to my last in-person appointment and whether I am still performing the exercises correctly. He has inquired about my pain levels before and while exercising and modified the exercises I do to get better results.

For my neck, I can come closer to the camera to point out the exact part of my neck that is causing a problem. He can give me instructions on manual manipulation, heat and arnica for pain relief. He checks to see whether or not the pain is reducing or increasing while the exercises are being performed.

I am learning to better describe the site of pain, understand how the muscles respond to the exercises and how I can adjust what I do as I get stronger without creating a new problem. I can discuss whether or not I am overdoing an exercise and how to handle an exercise that suddenly causes a new pain.

Nick continues to evaluate, re-evaluate my progress and provide additional exercises or instructions as needed. We have a plan for increasing my stamina by using an exercise bike. There are still sites which need manipulations and pressure that can only occur in person. Until widespread testing and tracking occur, I must remain in quarantine due to my age and my asthma. While I would prefer in person visits, I have found tele-health to provide me with the best option for continuing treatment under quarantine conditions.” Bernadette



Have you gone to other places and had your doctor receive conflicting information? find that what the physical therapist wrote in a report and what you tell your doctor on a follow-up visit conflicts, making it hard for your doctor to decide what to believe?

At Nick Rinard Physical Therapy we believe that YOUR recognition of results attained is most important.

We know that if you don’t trust that we have helped, you will never want to come back to see us if care is needed in the future.

At Nick Rinard Physical Therapy we listen to YOU, and help you achieve results both you and your doctor want and report confidently and accurately!!

Call (503-244-6232) or have your doctor fax (503-244-7410) over a referral to get OUT OF PAIN today!



Did you know that the majority of patients at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy are actually returning patients referred from years ago, or have been referred by a past patient?

We have asked our patients how we compared to other PT they had tried.  Here’s a small sample of what they had to say:

‘The other PT office was more like mass production-routing patients through.’ –Bryan

‘(Nick Rinard PT is) way better.  You actually fix things. ’ -Georgeanne

‘Nick Rinard PT taught me how to fix the problem myself-other therapists didn’t.’ -Gail

Why is Nick Rinard Physical Therapy different?

-Specialized MDT training allows our physical therapists to target the cause of a patient’s pain, not just treat the symptoms.

-Patients see a physical therapist at each visit-never a PT Assistant. 

-Exercises are simple and can be done anywhere.  No gym, no binder full of exercises.  Most of our patients can control their symptoms with just one targeted exercise!

Patients get the tools they need to succeed at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy!



Nick Rinard Physical Therapy: Getting patients the best results in the increasingly confusing world of “deductibles.”

Did you know that most health plans now have deductibles that apply for ancillary services, including PT?

Many of our patients are unaware of that fact, and sound genuinely surprised when we verify insurance benefits for them.

Since patients’ face a high deductible at any PT clinic they attend, it makes sense for them to go where they will get the best results!

Our results have been measured, and one visit at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is worth two visits at the average Portland area PT clinic.

Specifically, Nick Rinard patients reported 92.5% over-all improvement (versus 73.43% Portland area), in only 6.5 visits (versus 11.16 visits Portland area).

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is confident patients will get the best results with us, and want to make it possible for them to schedule without hesitation.


Stop putting off tomorrow what you can heal today.

Too many times we hear you say “this has been bothering me for years!”

Why, may we ask, have you been holding on to the pain?

It is stealing your energy and increasing mid day fatigue!

Instead of that 2pm coffee (although we have some waiting for you),

let Nick Rinard Physical therapists give you the tools to manage your pain and get back to enjoying the things you love in life!

I’ve been dealing with shoulder issues for years but had flared up bad last couple of months, had some quick looks at it from other therapists.

Right shoulder for the most part was unusable.

Nick and his trouble shooting skills figured out issue on the first visit and home therapy started recovering shoulder within first few days.

In 3.5 weeks shoulder strength up + pain down to almost nothing.”

Matt June 2020


Thank you to all of our patients – previous and current!

A majority of current patients at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy are actually returning patients or have been referred by a past patient of ours.

We have asked our patients how we compared to other PT they had tried.  Here’s a small sample of what they had to say:

‘The other PT office was more like mass production-routing patients through.’ –Bryan

‘(Nick Rinard PT is) way better.  You actually fix things. ’ -Georgeanne

‘Nick Rinard PT taught me how to fix the problem myself-other therapists didn’t.’ -Gail

We can’t thank our patients enough for their continued trust in us. Thank you for continuing to return when you are in pain and referring your friends and family when they are also! May we always be here to provide you the tools you need to live a pain free life!!


Nick Rinard Physical Therapy knows that we are different, but we are pleasantly surprised to find that our patients agree.

We asked our patients how our method compares to other treatment’s they tried.

This is what a few of them had to say:

  1. “You really can’t compare the two. With other PT it was a never ending treatment where I never got better. I felt better after my first visit at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy.”  Sarah
  • “I’ve been seen by Nick a few times and I’ve had so much improvement he’s definitely the best physical therapist I’ve ever been to! I definitely recommend him!” Heidi
  • “I was in a car accident that left me with a lot of pain in my back, along with very uncomfortable and consistent nerve responses down my legs. I saw a PT at a different clinic, but the symptoms and pain were not eliminated as I did not heal properly. I did not want to accept that I had to live with pain for the rest of my life. Fortunately, I was referred to Nick Rinard! In only 11 visits, my pain and symptoms have been alleviated as a result of receiving the proper exercises to strengthen and stretch my back. Nick was able to explain what exercises I needed to do, how to do them properly, as well as why. I know that I will need to continue to do the exercises or my symptoms will return, but Nick Rinard gave me the tools to manage these issues for the rest of my life. I have returned to my more active life, including jogging, hiking, etc. without experiencing painful consequences. Should the occasion arise that I need a PT in the future, I would schedule with Nick Rinard in a heartbeat!” Laura

We surveyed physicians who refer to Nick Rinard Physical Therapy.



  • “You get great results.”
  • “Good feedback in timely fashion.”
  • “Customer Service – great!”
  • “Positive Results!”
  • “It works for many patients, quickly – minimal visits.”
  • “It empowers the patient life-long.”
  • “If it does not work you’ll know within 2 visits.”
  • “Your group is kind, responsive, courteous.”
  • “Recommendation of other providers.”
  • “Courtesy shown to patients.”
  • “Results!”
  • “Excellent understanding and implementation of the McKenzie protocol.”
  • “Thorough assessment and plan.”
  • “Good results.”