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Get educated on your pain today.

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Dealing with pain on a daily basis is fatiguing and frustrating.

At Nick Rinard Physical Therapy, we empower our patients with individual, customized home exercise programs to help you gain control of your symptoms.

We believe in education, and prioritize teaching our patients how to become effective in their daily routines.  If you are tired of being a victim to your out of control symptoms, contact us! 503-244-6232 or have or doctor fax a referral to 503-244-7410

Our team is dedicated to helping you chart a course to better health.


LOW BACK PAIN—What you should do while waiting for your first physical therapy appointment…


Sitting Posture Important Low Back Pain

Sit as little as possible.  Standing or lying down are preferable to sitting when in acute low back pain.  If you must sit, sit only in a straight backed chair with good posture.  Avoid couches or soft chairs.  Use a towel roll to support the natural curve of your spine.


Do not bend forwards as in touching your toes when in acute low back pain—even if it feels like you are doing good by  “stretching” the muscles of the low back.  Rather than reaching down to get things, squat down using the legs and keep the back absolutely straight.


Try to lie more on your stomach rather than on your back.  Avoid the temptation to lie on your back with the head and knees propped up—this just rounds the back more and places inappropriate stress on injured structures.

Low Back Pain lie on your stomach not your back


You should stay normally active–in other words try not to stay in bed for long periods.  Move around, take walk if you can.  Do not do the knees to chest exercise you may have learned before.  This is an advanced exercise and usually not appropriate for acute conditions.  It is better in most cases to lie on your stomach and work towards supporting yourself on the elbows.


Physical therapy can be a short and sweet experience.

Back pain healed in 6 visits at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy

When you start feeling pain it’s REALLY best to schedule a visit right away.

Marge successfully completed physical therapy and is free of back pain in just 6 visits!

“Was having back issues. Wanted to stay active so came in as quickly as possible.”

As we always say, “Don’t deal with the pain, heal it… today!”



In an effort to better serve you, we are asking for your help. 

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What constitutes a good physical therapy facility in your opinion?

a.  Fast, friendly staff

b.  Experienced therapists

c.  Physical Therapist who high success ratio with patients

d. Insurance coverage

e.  Convenient location for you

f.   Other (describe below)


Do you stay informed on who are the best Physical Therapists in your area?


Do you only go to P.T. facilities your doctor refers you to?


Do you get good results from the Physical Therapists you work with now?


Any other comments?




Nick Rinard Physical Therapy: When to use a modality and why.

Here at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy, our primary focus is on identifying the mechanical cause of pain and the exercises needed to correct it.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy Ultrasound Machine, when to use a modality

What is ultrasound? How does it work? Let’s take a look!

Ultrasound waves are sent into the tissues using a handheld probe causing the tissues to vibrate. This vibration can have multiple benefits by breaking down scar tissue to aide in improving function and increasing local blood flow to reduce inflammation and pain. When tissues are inflamed, the cells have to work overtime. This extra work causes increased need for nutrition and increased production of cellular waste, but without an increase in the cells ability to process this waste. The ultrasound vibrations literally shake the waste material out of the cells, which helps them to work more efficiently.

Pretty cool, huh?! Any other science enthusiasts find this fascinating??


Get RESULTS from PT Today!

With high deductibles and out of pocket costs, it is getting increasingly difficult for patients to get treatment they need.

We understand that YOU don’t have the time or money for ineffective therapies!

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy’s MDT-focused treatment allows you to get results within just 3-4 visits. 

We promise to discharge you and refer to the right place for further evaluation if there is not significant improvement after 4 visits.

On average, Nick Rinard PT patients are better and independent in just 6-8 visits.

There’s no need use all you annual insurance-allowed PT visits when you are not getting results, especially since every visit costs YOU time and money.

You could be feeling better in just 2 weeks!

Call 503-244-6232 and/or fax 503-244-7410

Schedule your appointment today.


One size does not fit all

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy red and black thumb splint

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is specialized in personal hand therapy

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy Child hand splint green and blue

Nick Rinard is hand therapy specifically designed for you!

One size does not fit all.

Call to get your appropriate diagnosis and personal splint today.



Have you heard of the condition “tennis elbow”?

Did you know that it can be caused by activities other than tennis?!

Any activity that requires repetitive wrist movement can bring on pain at the elbow – like using a computer mouse!

With so many people – adults and children – relying more than ever on technology these days, this type of overuse injury is more likely to develop.

We are here to help! If you or someone you know is having pain, don’t wait! Call us today and get started on recovery.


Today I’d like to discuss the topic of accountability. That which helps you with your home exercise program so that you receive the maximum benefit from your physical therapy. I sought the help of two people I know rarely miss a workout. They use different strategies. One I like to call the “Pregame Plan” and the other is “Dress for Success Method.”

The Pregame Plan:
Every evening Nick lays out his workout clothes so when he wakes up the next morning, he is already prepared to follow through with his exercise agenda. Nick prioritizes self-care by getting his work out done before his work day begins so that he can benefit from the energizing effect of exercise throughout the day.

The Dress for Success Method:
After work each day, Erick changes out of his office attire and into his workout clothes. He allows himself an hour to decompress before heading to the gym. However, because he is already wearing his workout attire, he is prepared to follow through with exercise that day rather than surrender to the couch. Erick also organizes his workouts with his housemates, and they hold each other accountable by asking how each other’s workouts went that day.

What strategies do you use to help you remember to take good care of yourself? Are you more of a Pregame Planner or Dress for Success? Do you have a different method all together? Let us know what is helping you succeed with your accountability.

Margo Burette DPT