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Erick Severo

Patient Representative

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy



A quarantine story: Patient perspective

“When quarantine began, I was in the middle of treatment for elbow, back and neck injuries caused by a December motor vehicle accident. I began lobbying my PIP carrier for tele-health sessions and ultimately received approval. They agreed to consider the treatments as if they occurred “in office.”

I have been able to consult with Nick about the body part causing the most pain at the time of the appointment. He has been able to review my exercises with me and modify them to decrease pain. He has worked with me to determine whether or not I am pushing too much or not enough to strengthen muscles. He can give me new exercises and check that I am executing them properly.

Nick has been able to watch me perform my lumbar and thoracic exercises. I adjust the camera so he can watch me while I am on the floor or bed. We can discuss the range of movement, how my pain levels are in comparison to my last in-person appointment and whether I am still performing the exercises correctly. He has inquired about my pain levels before and while exercising and modified the exercises I do to get better results.

For my neck, I can come closer to the camera to point out the exact part of my neck that is causing a problem. He can give me instructions on manual manipulation, heat and arnica for pain relief. He checks to see whether or not the pain is reducing or increasing while the exercises are being performed.

I am learning to better describe the site of pain, understand how the muscles respond to the exercises and how I can adjust what I do as I get stronger without creating a new problem. I can discuss whether or not I am overdoing an exercise and how to handle an exercise that suddenly causes a new pain.

Nick continues to evaluate, re-evaluate my progress and provide additional exercises or instructions as needed. We have a plan for increasing my stamina by using an exercise bike. There are still sites which need manipulations and pressure that can only occur in person. Until widespread testing and tracking occur, I must remain in quarantine due to my age and my asthma. While I would prefer in person visits, I have found tele-health to provide me with the best option for continuing treatment under quarantine conditions.” Bernadette


Stop putting off tomorrow what you can heal today.

Too many times we hear you say “this has been bothering me for years!”

Why, may we ask, have you been holding on to the pain?

It is stealing your energy and increasing mid day fatigue!

Instead of that 2pm coffee (although we have some waiting for you),

let Nick Rinard Physical therapists give you the tools to manage your pain and get back to enjoying the things you love in life!

I’ve been dealing with shoulder issues for years but had flared up bad last couple of months, had some quick looks at it from other therapists.

Right shoulder for the most part was unusable.

Nick and his trouble shooting skills figured out issue on the first visit and home therapy started recovering shoulder within first few days.

In 3.5 weeks shoulder strength up + pain down to almost nothing.”

Matt June 2020


Hello, Nick Rinard PT community!

Katie here…I’m so excited to share good news!

I discharged a patient today after just 5 visits who had been suffering with chronic shoulder pain for several years.

It is such a pleasure to help my patients get results! Are you living with chronic pain? Maybe you don’t have to!

Give us a call! 503-244-6232

-Katie Noles-Bowers, DPT


Gardeners, are you ready?


It may not seem like it on some days, but spring is coming! 

Every year, we see many gardeners who are unable to get out in their flower and veggie beds because of back, neck, arm, and, thumb, or knee pain. 

Here are some helpful hints to help keep you in your garden on the rare nice days that we have:

-Avoid bending for extended periods. 

-Get a kneeling pad out and use it! 

-Some people do very well with a stool also.

-Keep the things you need close at hand.  This reduces the amount of reaching and twisting that you need to do!

-Keep your back straight while mowing the yard and using equipment.

Still having pain that’s keeping you and your green thumb inside?

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is here to help.

Call 503-244-6232 today!



Margo Burette DPT

Today I’d like to discuss the topic of accountability.  Specifically, the accountability that helps you stay the course with your home exercise program so that you receive the maximum benefit from your physical therapy. For this, I sought the help of Nick Bourn and Erick Severo, two of those most disciplined guys I know.  They rarely miss a workout, and here’s how they fit exercise into their busy schedules.  They use different strategies.  Nick’s strategy I like to call the “Pregame Plan” and Erick’s strategy is the “Dress for Success Method.”

Nick Bourn’s Pregame Plan:

Every evening Nick lays out his workout clothes so that when he wakes up the next morning, he is already prepared to follow through with his exercise agenda.  Also, Nick prioritizes self-care by getting his work out done before his work day begins so that he can benefit from the energizing effect of exercise throughout the rest of his day. 

Erick Severo’s Dress for Success Method:

After work each day, Erick changes out of his office attire and into his workout clothes.  He allows himself an hour to decompress and unplug his brain before heading to the gym.  However, because he is already wearing his workout attire, he is prepared to follow through with his plan to exercise that day rather than surrender to the couch. Erick also organizes his workouts with his housemates, and they hold each other accountable by asking how each other’s workouts went that day.

So what strategies do you use to help you remember to take good care of yourself? Are you more of a Pregame Planner like Nick, or do you Dress for Success like Erick?  Or do you have a different method all together?  Let us know what is helping you succeed with your accountability.


Happy Holidays! A Nick Rinard Physical Therapy success story.

I’d like to share the success story of one our patients.  Let’s call her Cindy Lou like the precious little Who from Whoville in Dr. Seuss’ storybook How the Grinch Stole Christmas!  Cindy Lou had a total knee replacement surgery 4.5 months ago. She came in to our clinic in August barely able to walk using a walker.  Today, she is not only walking well, she is dancing with her Jazzercise group!

Cindy Lou was very successful with physical therapy due to her diligence with her home exercise program.  She had to work through some very intense pain to recover her full flexion and extension range of motion.  Her perseverance with daily, diligent stretches has finally restored her full range of motion.

One challenge that Cindy Lou faced was managing swelling (edema) post-operative.  Let me mention here some things that made a positive difference for her: 1) Ice and elevation (20’ multiple times a day in the first 4-6 weeks after surgery), 2) TED compression hose, 3) Retrograde massage (gentle pressure sweeping upward from the base of the knee to the thigh to encourage lymphatic return) and 4) Staying moving!  Too much time in a sedentary position with her leg in the dependent position would increase her swelling, which then created more stiffness and pain.

Congratulations, Cindy Lou!  We are proud of your perseverance through your post-operative process and happy to have been on your team to guide your recovery.


Margo Burette DPT


Nick Rinard Physical Therapy and McKenzie Institute USA explore sources of neck pain

'Cervical Discs as a Source of Neck Pain. An Analysis of the Evidence'. A very interesting review: “Basic science…

Posted by McKenzie Institute USA on Monday, December 17, 2018


Neck pain, don’t wait, get in as soon as it happens at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy

Check out this awesome article from PT in Motion. This article shows how the benefit of getting early rather than delayed physical therapy treatment for your neck pain can help you save time and money!


Does your neck pain have you acting like the Grinch lately? Let’s get you back to feeling merry and bright! Remember we offer free screenings, where you will be evaluated by a physical therapist to determine whether your neck complaint is treatable using mechanical diagnosis and therapy.

Margo Burette DPT