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Are you ready to run?

“I struggled for the best part of a year with a hip/back problem that fundamentally limited my running, biking, and skiing.

 It was very frustrating as I wondered if I’d have to give up running, a sport I depend on for physical & emotional release. 

I tried various forms of PT, yoga, and chiropractic care with no relief and some progression of symptoms. 

A lumber spine MRI revealed a host of problems, and a recommendation of a steroid injection. 

A friendly physician advised me against this, and my primary doctor suggested I check out Nick and team.

What a change!  Within a couple of visits I was starting to run symptom-free again, and I’m feeling very active, with my physical activity now limited by my cardiovascular condition rather than my injury.”  -Malcolm

Now is the time to call 503-244-6232 to schedule today.


Have you been experiencing pain for weeks or even years?

The centers for drug and disease control have come forth with opioid prescription guidelines for primary care physicians. Medical associations are training doctors about opioid’s side effects, urging them to use remedies such as physical therapy. You don’t even need a referral from your doctor to schedule to your visit with Nick Rinard Physical Therapy today and take control of your pain.

If you do get an order for physical therapy ask your doctor if the referral is to a  clinic known for getting patients better? They may need your help in knowing where to send you and other patients.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy,  certified MDT PT’s,  are able to predict after only 3-4 visits if you will ‘respond’ to physical therapy.

Tell your doctor about Nick Rinard Physical Therapy today.

By identifying these patients rapidly, we, as a health care team, can help you better direct the care of your patients, putting a stop to “chronic pain!”


Are you contemplating surgery? Try Nick Rinard Physical Therapy first!

Get results from Nick Rinard Physical Therapy prior to or after surgery!

“Primary doctor suggested therapy after my January physical before considering any surgery.

I’m glad the doctor suggested therapy, mainly due to my age and recovery time that accompanies surgery.

I feel I’m back to 95-98% of what I was prior to therapy and should maintain this status by faithfully doing the exercise they have given me.

I would recommend Nick Rinard to anyone requiring physical therapy either prior to or after surgery!”



Nick Rinard Physical Therapy Works Wonders

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy Works Wonders

“I was referred by my primary care provider for intense neck pain.

Everything – sitting, standing, breathing – caused me pain (even with prescription pain medications).

After 3 weeks of physical therapy, I’m completely cured!

I was skeptical that anything was going to help me, but the repetitive, gradual approach worked wonders.

Thank you!”




Nick Rinard Physical Therapy gets THE BEST results!

Get Quick and Efficient, Best Results at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy

“I ‘ve been ‘rehabilitated’ by Nick Rinard’s physical therapy team for!

1.) herniated disc (really painful) (downhill ski fall) later.

2.) degenerated spinal disks – exercise and therapy.

3.) sharp nerve pain R neck due to improper head position while reading.

(Nick ‘cured’ rehabilitated my extremely painful herniated disc 3 years ago… in only 3 or 4 visits. I’m forever impressed and grateful.

Now if I have recurring pain I cannot figure out how to ‘cure’ it, I know Nick and his excellent physical therapist team will provide the most effective solutions.

Quick and Efficient, Best.”


What are you waiting for?

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy get's you back to doing everything you couldn't.

Are there things you used to do but now can’t? Walking? Stand? Lift your coffee cup?

Let Nick Rinard Physical Therapy help you get back to doing all the things you love!

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy gets you back to doing everything you couldn’t.





Get help before your pain starts to travel.

Too many times we hold off on getting help after an injury. Often times we have a sudden onset of pain in which we have no idea where it is coming from and how it even got started. We think the pain will go away or the injury will heal on its own.

Get relief from your pain in just a few visits at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy today.

“Pain and numbness from my right shoulder to finger tips. It was impeding my work and eating with utensils. The pain is completely gone after the first couple of visits and over the course of treatment we are confident that the numbness will disappear.”



What should you do after a car accident?

It can be difficult to know the right steps to take after a car accident.  Here are some general suggestions from Nick Rinard Physical Therapy:

1) Call your insurance company to report the accident as soon as possible, and definitely within 48 hours.  If you are experiencing ANY pain, tell them.  Even if you don’t end up needing much medical care, it’s important to tell them everything and anything that feels different after the accident.

2) See a doctor and get help early.  If you’re like most people you may want to wait to see a doctor because you think you’ll get better on your own.  You may get better on your own, but if you don’t, waiting to see a doctor may affect your ability to get medical care under your car accident claim.  A trip to your primary care doctor or an urgent care facility is all it takes to legitimize your injuries.  Getting care early also will minimize your overall healing time.

3) REST!  This is by far the most difficult and most important part of healing after an accident.  Give your body time to recover properly.

4) Pain is not normal.  Just because a large amount of people experience neck or back pain after a car accident does NOT make it normal.  These ailments can be helped tremendously with basic treatment such as physical therapy.  You have the right to have your injuries treated, and you have the right to go to any doctor or provider that you choose for help.

If your injuries require physical therapy, call Nick Rinard Physical Therapy today!