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Thank you for choosing us despite 2020

Nick Rinard PT continues to stay in business because of you!  We couldn’t have helped so many people last year without you!

To stay healthy Nick Rinard Physical Therapy adapted our 2020 lives so we could stay open for you!

As essential health care workers we took our job to keep our patients safe very seriously.

 It is a privilege to be part of a community that looks out for one another. Through the coronavirus journey, we were impressed by our patients’ ability to adapt and stay healthy to call and get the care they needed. Our telehealth visits did not disappoint. Patients were able to see and feel the difference in their body’s ability to heal, at every visit! 

At Nick Rinard Physical Therapy, you can expect the same diligence in 2021.


Rescued By Two Great Health Professionals

A patients story by Ogie.

That was how I felt after my injuries from two rear end  auto accidents within seven months.  

Dr. Paul Okamota,D.C.

Masters Touch Chiropractic Clinic. 

Chiropractic Physician

Fellow, Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists. a title earned by only 4 % of the Chiropractic community.

His specialty appears to be lost causes. As fit as I have been the injuries would not go away and no one else could help me. Dr. Okamoto said, “I can help you. It will take a while.” He has the best rehab gym I have seen. He has a great staff of people who are givers. Just being there was a refuge from the challenges of 2020. Towards the end of treatment he referred me to Physical therapist, Nick Rinard, MPT, Cert MDT. Nick has a great staff and  clinics in Portland. The Dr. and Nick banded together like true professionals to give me the best outcome. I found them both extremely knowledgeable, patient and compassionate. This is the way the healthcare professions should work. Some try, but Dr. Okamoto and Nick Rinard are pulling it off and I benefited.  

They taught me about deeply layered muscles that I could not pronounce, find, or measure.

Their contact information:

Dr. Paul E. Okamoto, D.C. 

Nick Rinard, Physical Therapist. 

Nick treats patients through the internet and has patients overseas.


Nick Rinard Physical Therapy get results.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy really listened each time.

Nick Rinard Gets Patient Results

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy gets results… but don’t take our word for it…

“Nick Rinard really listened each time I came in. We discussed all my exercise & their impact on my condition. I was treat as a serious athlete, not an old lady. The exercises prescribed were reviewed each time to reinforce proper technique. This contributed significantly to the speed of my recovery. Thank you!”



Did you know that the majority of patients at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy are actually returning patients referred from years ago, or have been referred by a past patient?

We have asked our patients how we compared to other PT they had tried.  Here’s a small sample of what they had to say:

‘The other PT office was more like mass production-routing patients through.’ –Bryan

‘(Nick Rinard PT is) way better.  You actually fix things. ’ -Georgeanne

‘Nick Rinard PT taught me how to fix the problem myself-other therapists didn’t.’ -Gail

Why is Nick Rinard Physical Therapy different?

-Specialized MDT training allows our physical therapists to target the cause of a patient’s pain, not just treat the symptoms.

-Patients see a physical therapist at each visit-never a PT Assistant. 

-Exercises are simple and can be done anywhere.  No gym, no binder full of exercises.  Most of our patients can control their symptoms with just one targeted exercise!

Patients get the tools they need to succeed at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy!



Nick Rinard PT is a true follower of Mark Laslett

Posted by Nick Rinard Physical Therapy on Monday, August 6, 2018


Hand splint made just for you

Have you self diagnosed… gone down the medical equipment aisle, picked out a brace you thought would help only to find you are still in pain months later? One size does not fit all. Correctly knowing what you are splinting and why makes all the difference. There is no reason to live with hand pain, when all it takes is a splint made just for you by Natasha Rinard OT. to get immediate relief!