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Referrals come from your friends!

In the past, we used to go to a doctor we had known for most of our lives -for everything.

They saw us at our worst  and would send us off to a place that was best suited to get us better.

All that has changed in the last 10 years. No longer are you with a doctor, but you are guided by a corporation of doctors.  You are scheduled to see someone in your group  of OHSU, Legacy, Providence, or Kaiser just to name a few in the Portland area.  If your doctor leaves, you stay and get a new one and now when they refer you out, it is to another specialist in the same corporation– whether they can get you better or not.

It is the people around you who know you best. Your friends and family are the new source of advice. They want to always see you at your best– trust their recommendations in Nick Rinard Physical Therapy! 

Getting patient  results for the last 20+ years.


Don’t let back pain steal your youth!

“I thought this was the end of my physical fitness routine (and youth) before coming to Nick Rinard Physical Therapy.

But I feel 100% better and know I have the right tools to address this issue if it should ever come back.

I loved all of the clear explanations I received regarding what was physically happening and causing my pain as well as the explanations for how the exercises help to mitigate and fix the pain.”



Nick Rinard Physical Therapy gets results!

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy has used McKenzie’s scientifically proven assessment process that will identify the best treatment solution for back, neck and extremity problems for the last 20+ years.

“I first experienced pain from my left shoulder back in end of July 2021.

After visited my primary care doctor and did and x-ray reviewing no structural damage.

I start visiting my chiropractor monthly trying to resolve the issue.

At the beginning, I can see improvement. But the problem gradually got worse.

So I decided to pay a visit to Nick Rinard Physical Therapy as I had a good experience with my previous back problems a long time ago.

So after 6 visits, I can resume to my daily activities without experience any pains.”



Nick Rinard Physical Therapy can get you back in as easy as 1… 2… visits.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy – getting patient rapid results for the last 20+ years.

“I scheduled a visit because of persisting pain in my legs and hips that inhibited my mobility.


After treatment here, I can walk and move normally again and am no longer experiencing any leg pain.”



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All of the physical therapists at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy get results!

Mainly lower back pain and referral from a sports doctor.

Secondarily, arthritis in thumb joint of right hand.

From both Katie (back) and Natasha (hand).

I now have two things I didn’t have before:

  1. A good visualization of what I need to try to accomplish to minimize pain in each of these areas.
  2. Have tools (props and exercises) available now that I didn’t have before to deal with the discomfort and work toward increasing my functionality and longevity in these areas.

Thanks much!



Have you settled to live in pain?

Health CARE Should be focused on what is best for YOU.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy has always focused on individualized, personal care.

Our commitment to exceptional diagnosis means you get

results in half the visits as other physical therapy clinics.

High DEDUCTIBLES are making your choice of care based on “in-network” obsolete, giving you freedom to go out-of-network!

Paying out of pocket at our discounted family and friends rate of service is the fast track to getting your life back!

Call 503-244-6232 today to be pain free before you ever meet your deductible!


Thank you Nadia for sharing your experience on google!

The best and most effective treatment at Nick’s Rinard Physical Therapy.
It started with me when I had a car accident, which resulted in a very bad back, elbow and neck pain and daily headaches. At first, I paid many visits to several different PT’s for months with no good results, somewhat the pain got even worse. One day my coworker said to me “you should go to Nick Rinard‘s clinic, I know he will help you”. So, I am glad I did! First of all I must say all staff at this place are very professional and friendly. Just after one visit, Nick Rinard was able to fix my elbow. Treated my back and my neck, educated me what exercises and stretches I can do at home. It didn’t take long and after a month or so, I was free of pain. I hear from some people that tennis elbow pain is for life, I tell them go to Nick Rinard‘s PT and he will fix it in one or two visits. The treatment is well customized for each patient based on their issues. Nick Rinard also does consultation at the first visit and able to determine if your pain is mechanical, if so, he will evaluate and help you be free of pain. I refer all my friends and my family to Nick Rinard‘s, knowing that they will have the best care possible. Thank you Nick for your service!


Happy New Year!

What a year to review!

Are you having neck pain?

“I had neck pain and immobility from old neck trauma.
My neck is substantially more mobile after the series of treatments and home exercises that my PT prescribed.
I still have a little bit of discomfort but it has gone from being obstructive and distracting to something that I don’t even notice unless I’m actively trying to.
I wasn’t sure that they could really do much for my neck but the treatment really worked and they have my full confidence now. I’d recommend to anyone.” Michele

Are you having low back pain?

“Lumbar pain – was a deranged disc. Katie fixed me right up in a couple of weeks. And now my range of motion is better than before the injury. Resuming running / yoga….” Andrew

Are you having ankle pain?

“I was hopeful my chronic ankle pain could be helped. I am now almost as capable in my ankle as pre-injury. This is the most relief I have felt in half a decade.”     Michael

What kind of pain are you having?

“I recently scheduled a visit at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy because I had a wonderful successful experience here in the past.

This time proved to be just as wonderful and definitely successful!

I truly appreciated everyone here and especially the fact that Nick & Katie will make sure everything the patient came in for is well without any unnecessary visits.”    Julie

Let your New Years resolution be

one of these testimonials.

Rid yourself of pain and get back to pre-injury levels!


Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is closed for the holidays.

We hope that everyone is enjoying this holiday to rest, recover and spend time with family and friends.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy’s office will be closed from Dec. 21, 2021 to Dec. 31st 2021.

Nick is out recovering from knee surgery, Katie is out spending time with family and the office is getting some much needed renovations at this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience- as we do not like being unavailable to the community.

Please feel free to email for any needs you may have. This may be the best way to get your questions answered. However please continue to call 503-244-6232 and someone will be in the office to give you a call back.

Wishing you all the best this holiday season.


Nick Rinard Physical continues to make safety our #1 concern!

Winter is just around the corner and the coronavirus still lingers in our community. It is hard to remember that just last winter many of us were still waiting to get vaccinated, and now all of our employees are vaccinated and for those eligible, they have received their booster shot.

Our clinic has remained open and available because our team has always but still continue to follow all guidance recommended by the state.

All employees at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy continue to put the safety of our patients first!


As a reminder…


New patients and established patients will find every visit very valuable and should not delay care due to increases in Coronavirus cases.

We are here to diagnose, educate, offer tools, listen to concerns, and meet all safety needs to get patients through this difficult time.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy loves treating patients and happy to keep not only our doors open but also our hands and hearts to get everyone the results you have come to know and trust for the last 20 years.