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Your doctor wants you to get help at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy.

Some patients seem to be thinking their doctors’ specific verbal in office advice for “physical therapy to Nick Rinard Physical Therapy” is all the same and going to places based on their convenience.

Call 503-244-6232 and let our clinic representatives explain to you in more detail the reasons why your doctor chose Nick Rinard Physical Therapy over other clinics in the area.

We know other clinics are not getting results like Nick Rinard Physical Therapy has for the last 20 years.

If you respond to the services offered at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy you will be provided with a lifelong resource. 



No need to spend a fortune searching for cures… Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is here to help!

Don’t let this be the start to your testimonial – “I had dealt with pain for over 5 years and had almost given up on treatments and spent a fortune searching for cures…” 

Let Nick Rinard Physical Therapy get you off on the right path with this testimonial –

“I was referred by my primary care provider for intense neck pain.

Everything – sitting, standing, breathing – caused me pain (even with prescription pain medications).

After 3 weeks of physical therapy, I’m completely cured!

I was skeptical that anything was going to help me,

but the repetitive, gradual approach worked wonders.

Thank you!”


Call 503-244-6232 to schedule your visit today!

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy getting RESULTS in 6-8 visits, even with the toughest cases for the last 20+ years!


Choose your physical therapist wisely

Not all Physical Therapy is the same. Some are more effective than others. If you had Physical Therapy, did it work? If you are going to Physical Therapy now, is it helping? If yes, you should continue until you are better. However, if you are not getting better, or if you need Physical Therapy in the future, then you should read on.

Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) has been shown in numerous scientific studies to be the most effective type of Physical Therapy available today. However, you should know just what MDT is so you can be sure you are actually receiving it.

The MDT method does not rely on technological gadgets such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation commonly used in traditional Physical Therapy. There is little evidence to show that these machines actually help in recovery. Instead, Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, as its name suggests, uses mechanical forces to centralize referred pain, and to correct the physical problem. Exercises designed specifically for each patient, affect pain immediately, and can be performed by the patient whenever pain arises. Over a short time, these exercises heal the injury and allow full recovery. In our clinic, Nick Rinard Physical Therapy, the average number of visits is only six and a half!

Medical Advisory: MDT is a Superior Form of Physical Therapy


Is your “In-network” PT helping you get rid of your back pain in the first visit?

A generic referral to an “in-network” PT isn’t always your best option.

Take Sean’s results. Nick Rinard has helped him over the last 15 years. Nick Rinard has saved him time, money and helped him live a life free from back pain.

“Low back pain [prompted him to schedule a visit].

Now [I] can walk, run, sit without pain.

I first came to Rinard Therapy 15 years ago, when I was experiencing back pain so severe I could barely walk.

My health plan PT didn’t help, but luckily a friend steered me to Rinard.

They had me diagnosed and pain reduce from the first session.

I’ve come back a few times over the years, when pain returned.

Rinard has always carefully re-diagnosed me and updated my PT to resolve the problems.”




Let Nick Rinard Physical Therapy help make headaches a thing of the past.

“I was dealing with continuous neck pain which was bring on headaches.

The discomfort came to a point where I needed help with correcting the problem.

The right side of my neck was very sore, limiting full movement to the left.

Nick Rinard’s team helped me find easy and incredibly helpful stretches to correct my posture and alleviate the pain.

After 4 appointments I am able to rotate my head left and right without any tension of discomfort.

The neck pain and headaches are currently gone.Wahoo! Thank NRPT team!”



New team members wanted.

Do you have an interest in starting a career in the healthcare field?

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is a private physical therapy clinic looking for new team members.

Call:  503-244-6232….. for more information.

email:…. you resume today!



Do you want to compete?

Are injuries preventing you from doing the things you love?

Physical Therapy from Nick Rinard Physical Therapy can not only help you get back to pre-injury status, but leave you feeling better than ever!

“Just a thank you for my therapy!

You allowed me to train and compete in the U.S. National Triathlon with no injuries!

45 of 55 women 65-69years.

Thank you.” ~ Cindy


A resident’s perspective.

Hello! Melissa and Madeline here, and for those who we have not yet had the opportunity to meet, we are the two physical therapy residents working with Nick and Katie this summer.

We are from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse where we are in our third and final year of the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program.

This has been the first of our three clinical internships, and we could not have been luckier in our first placement!

Working at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy this summer has been a great opportunity for the two of us to improve our clinical skills and grow as clinicians.

We are lucky to have two incredible mentors (Nick and Katie) to follow and learn from every day.

Nick and Katie have so much knowledge to share and go above and beyond in treating their patients.

Likewise, we are lucky to have such wonderful patients who allow us to work with and learn from them as well.

We look forward to the last couple of weeks we will be working at the clinic before heading back home to the Midwest to finish up the last of our schooling.

Both of us are very grateful for this experience! 

~Madeline & Melissa


Our clinic is here to help!

Nick and I have enjoyed their enthusiasm in learning the methods of MDT.

They have brought fresh questions and perspective to our established practice along with the latest in exercise techniques!

Plus, with extra hands in the clinic, we are able to devote even more individualized attention to you, our patients, helping you achieve the best results in the shortest time.

Are you having pain that is holding you back from enjoying summer time to its fullest?
Call us today for a free-screen!

We would love to help you feel better and be able to enjoy the last days of sunshine!

Katie Noles-Bowers DPT



Nick Rinard Physical continues to make safety our #1 concern!

Since the easing of orders on July 4th Nick Rinard Physical continues to make safety our #1 concern!

We have continued SAFETY MEASURES and are ALWAYS here for you!

Our staff is fully vaccinated and continues to follow social distancing, sanitation protocols and wear masks.

New patients and established patients will find every visit very valuable and should not delay care due to increases in Coronavirus cases.

We are here to diagnose, educate, offer tools, listen to concerns, and meet all safety needs to get patients through this difficult time.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy loves treating patients and happy to keep not only our doors open but also our hands and hearts to get everyone the results you have come to know and trust for the last 20 years.