Clinical Conversations

Get the correct diagnosis at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy.

Sometimes knee pain is actually a back problem! Nick Rinard Physical Therapy makes sure to get the correct diagnosis every time!

“I had continuing knee problems and had seen other physical therapists.

This felt like my last efforts to resolves issues if I could.

With Katie’s awesome attention and care, she weeded through my knee problems and determined it might be a back issue, based on one of our conversations.

Our plans switched to restoring my back and core.

As a result, knee issues decreased!! I am back to running longer distances with no knee issues!

I have the tools/exercises to continue strengthening!

(Teagan was also an amazing student intern – loved that Nick and Katie took her on and helped her hone her skills. She took everything on very well.)”



Do insurance terms have you confused?

Challenges of our unstable economy is that our community must face unpredictable health care coverage and bizarre terms insurance companies use to deny patient visits. 

Patients discover, often way too late, that their insurance does not cover them when they need it most.

Health insurance plans are misleading patients with vague terms such as “medical necessity” and “prior-authorization”.

With these terms patients can suddenly find themselves with unexpected health care costs, after having the impression they were covered.

It is up to patients to get wise to their health insurance loop holes.

Our patients have found, regardless of all costs, that the quality of care Nick Rinard Physical Therapy gives exceeds all else.

We strive to simplify patients’ decisions by providing fast, efficient care that guarantees results.


Get your life back!

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is here to help give you the tools to take control of your pain and get your “normal life” back!

“My back was hurting to the point of limiting my activity.

I am able to pick up light things I couldn’t lift anymore.

I can comfortably hold my cat.

Slowly but surely improving in every checkpoint.

Cooking and cleaning got easier as well.

I am hopeful of a normal life again with the help of this office.

I can’t thank you enough.”



How far are you willing to travel to get results?

When does a location close to home become more expensive than a place a little farther away?

This is just one question that comes to mind when you start thinking about your health.

A place close to home may actually cost you more……

 …..than if you went to Nick Rinard Physical Therapy.

When you Google “PT near me” the list generated does not mean you are you getting the best care that is available to you!


What are you going to do to beat the heat?

Don’t allow the heat stop you from enjoying the activities you love, but be smart about your time in the sun.

Tips to remember:

Be patient with your body. If you regularly exercise outdoors, it can take up to 2 weeks for you to acclimate to the hotter conditions.

Hot days are not the time to attempt to beat your best time, instead just enjoy yourself!

Stay hydrated! Make sure that whatever you are doing, you bring water with you. If you can, plan your activities for earlier in the day or late at night when the temperatures are cooler.

We care about you!

Don’t deal with the pain, heal it with help at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy this summer.


We appreciate you!

Did you know that you help make up 74% patients we see?

Yes, YOU!

74% of our patient load consists of past patients returning for a different

issue or patients referred to Nick Rinard Physical Therapy by a past patient.

We want you to know that we appreciate you, and that despite all the changes happening in healthcare…

…YOU are ALWAYS our first priority. 

We are committed your PT being as effective as possible and we are still working hard to get you better in an average of 6-8 visits!


Have a very happy and safe 4th of July!

May all of us at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy wish you, your family and all friends a very safe and happy 4th of July.

The office will be closed on Monday, the 4th, to celebrate the birth of American independence, but we will be back in office Tuesday to take all your calls.

Please don’t hesitate to leave a message or send an email to and we will respond to you as quickly as we are able.

We are always here for you.


Nick Rinard Physical Therapy gets you on the fastest path to recovery.

Let Nick Rinard Physical Therapy Diagnose your injury today to get on the fastest path to recovery.

“A very painful, nonfunctional right arm.

Nick diagnosed it, wrote to Dr. Crist suggesting that I get a cortisone shot.

I could not lift my arm at all.

I received the shot and pain was reduced greatly. With PT I am fully functional and without pain.

Thank you team.” Elaine


Thank you for sharing your success on google!

Thank you Kirby for the 5 star google review.

“Can’t say enough good things about Nick and the rest of the staff.

I had a knee issue that he quickly resolved. In the past during sports I have visited other specialists that added on unnecessary visits.

Nick is no nonsense, and will give you the treatment that is necessary to get you back on track!”