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Happy Thanksgiving

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy smiling torso over a hot baked turkey

Nick Rinard PT will be CLOSED for Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 26th 2020 and Friday November 27th, 2020.

Although we may not be able to be surrounded in person by friends and loved ones this year, where there is a will there is always a way. We wish everyone the best connecting through social media, zoom, facetime or your favorite technology of choice.

From everyone at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy – We wish you a happy Thanksgiving and as always….

…. Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is very Thankful to have you in our lives! We couldn’t do it without you!

Despite the recent events occurring nation wide and the increasing barriers to quality health care we survive because of you!


NPR: Covid 19 update as winter and holiday activity set in.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy employees will continue to follow personal health emergency guidelines out side of clinic hours.

Please stay up to date with the risks associated with indoor gatherings. Stay safe. Protect yourself for that of your family and friends.

We are here for you!

As U.S. reaches 250,000 deaths from COVID-19, a long winter is coming
Medical advances have reduced the infection fatality rate in the U.S. But experts warn that indoor gatherings, cold temperatures and pandemic fatigue augur dark months ahead.

Read in NPR:


Stand your ground: Tips to stay save during winter weather

Slippery streets, short days, and increase stress can make winter a high-risk season for falls and injuries. 

How can you help prevent falls at home?

One excellent way to avoid falls is to improve your strength and balance.

Our team at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is ready to help you!

Here are some helpful tips for falls prevention from CDC:


Covid-19 update: Nick Rinard Physical Therapy and the holidays.

The holiday season is a great time to reflect on the past year.  It is a time when we, at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy, get to look back at all the wonderful people we have had the privilege of helping!

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy will continue to be open as we move through this busy time. Kate Brown specifically mentioned physical therapy clinics are to remain open because they improve our health, well being and the environment in physical therapy clinics has not been found to be where viral spread has occurred.

Our clinic will continue to be open for in person and telehealth visit.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy continues to have great success using the telehealth service. Since March, we have now treated a range from shoulders, knees, necks, hip and backs. We have gotten patients much needed results.

Our patient’s ability to adapt have given us a lasting CHEER this year!

It is a blessing being here to help people who have been in pain for a single day or many years and  improving the quality of life for the people in our communities truly makes our work meaningful.

 Thank you for being a part of it, for sharing your success stories with us and others and referring friends and family who could use our help.


Power Outage on Friday 13 November 2020 at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy SW Clinic

We are currently without power at our Southwest Portland Physical Therapy Clinic. This is impacting our phones, computers and email. Portland General Electric estimates restoration of power around 11AM.

We ARE still seeing patients, as there is plenty of light in the clinic, so, yes, your appointment will still happen at your scheduled time. We recommend you plan on arriving early, however, as traffic around the clinic will be affected by the power outage.

Any voicemail messages left between close of business yesterday and the restoration of power will be returned as soon as possible after power is restored.

Should the power outage extend beyond 11AM today, Friday the 13th of November, 2020, we will update this post with additional information.


Please continue to wear your masks to protect not only yourself but for the health of the community.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapists and entire staff are very mindful of practicing social distancing and CDC guidelines since becoming aware of Covid-19 and its ability to spread since March.

We continue to wear masks to protect ourselves, our patients and the health of the community.

Wear masks to protect yourself from the coronavirus, not only others, CDC stresses
The public health agency had previously emphasized that masks protect other people from viruses you might expel. The new advice gives a less altruistic reason to wear face coverings.

Read in NPR:


Get cured at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy

I have been to Nick several times.

Once for my shoulder, once for my elbow, and most recently for my back and hip.

Each time that I’ve gone he has put very concentrated time and effort into determining my problem.

And then has solved each problem within a week.

I would highly recommend him for any injury that you have. He’s amazing!!!!!

He also cured my sons neck strain in literally one session.

He is very talented and super well worth your visit.



LOW BACK PAIN—What you should do while waiting for your first physical therapy appointment…


Sitting Posture Important Low Back Pain

Sit as little as possible.  Standing or lying down are preferable to sitting when in acute low back pain.  If you must sit, sit only in a straight backed chair with good posture.  Avoid couches or soft chairs.  Use a towel roll to support the natural curve of your spine.


Do not bend forwards as in touching your toes when in acute low back pain—even if it feels like you are doing good by  “stretching” the muscles of the low back.  Rather than reaching down to get things, squat down using the legs and keep the back absolutely straight.


Try to lie more on your stomach rather than on your back.  Avoid the temptation to lie on your back with the head and knees propped up—this just rounds the back more and places inappropriate stress on injured structures.

Low Back Pain lie on your stomach not your back


You should stay normally active–in other words try not to stay in bed for long periods.  Move around, take walk if you can.  Do not do the knees to chest exercise you may have learned before.  This is an advanced exercise and usually not appropriate for acute conditions.  It is better in most cases to lie on your stomach and work towards supporting yourself on the elbows.