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Your reviews matter.

Thank you so much Lacey for sharing your story on google about how Nick Rinard Physical Therapy has helped you!

May your google stories help others find Nick Rinard Physical Therapy and the path to a life they are in charge of!


“I’ve been going to Nick Rinard PT for about a year and a half, treating a variety of ailments (it’s hell getting old!) but mostly focused on my hip. In fact, on my first visit, Nick figured out that my right butt muscle didn’t work and had to be shocked into activation! I’ve learned so much about my body and get amazing results from his therapy. The staff & PT’s are wonderful and welcoming. I always feel 100x better after an appointment and the take home therapy is always clear, easy to do, and it actually works!” Lacey



Are you still in pain from a car accident?

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy can help if you are in pain from a car accident. Regardless of how it happened, you do not have to live in pain… in fact you can feel good again. Take Ethan’s experience from the clinic known for getting results as an example.

“-Car accident .I could not:

-Bend over

-Neck pain was horrible

-Barely could move

I’m now better than before the car accident.”




Prevent injuries before they occur!

We at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy have noticed over the last few years that our patients are generally being monitored less and less by a regular family physician.  More of you are opting to go to urgent care for medical needs, or, when you attend your family doctor, maybe a care extender sees you instead of the person who has known you for years.  This has resulted in medical issues getting missed and appearing in physical therapy where they don’t belong. 

We developed a PHI (physical health inventory) to screen the health of our patients and see if we can detect anything in time to prevent poor health outcomes.

 It has been met with success for those who have tried it.  Think about the following items.  Are you interested?

When was the last time your overall health was screened? 

Did you know that heart rate and grip strength can predict underlying conditions?

It’s important to assess your physical health every 6 months…

You can schedule your PHI (physical health inventory) today!

We have created this just for you!

It’s FREE! Please take advantage of it.

Now is the time to call 503-244-6232 to schedule today.


Are you experiencing thumb pain?

Let Natasha Rinard OT get you results today!

“My thumb joint was very painful to use is why I currently see Natasha.

She is an expert at making a custom fitting splint and teaching why the joint is painful.

She takes incremental steps to pace progress in a a direction resulting in less pain and finally to dismissal.

The skills Natasha taught me will apply to other joints and gives me a lasting remedy to use in order to stay pain free.

The office atmosphere is light hearted and friendly so I look forward to my visits. I can’t always comply with the program set out for me while at work but Natasha is ready with alternatives and encouragement.

I always feel confident I will recover from my injury or pain after the care I receive from the staff at Nick Rinard’s physical therapy.”



Are you ready to run?

“I struggled for the best part of a year with a hip/back problem that fundamentally limited my running, biking, and skiing.

 It was very frustrating as I wondered if I’d have to give up running, a sport I depend on for physical & emotional release. 

I tried various forms of PT, yoga, and chiropractic care with no relief and some progression of symptoms. 

A lumber spine MRI revealed a host of problems, and a recommendation of a steroid injection. 

A friendly physician advised me against this, and my primary doctor suggested I check out Nick and team.

What a change!  Within a couple of visits I was starting to run symptom-free again, and I’m feeling very active, with my physical activity now limited by my cardiovascular condition rather than my injury.”  -Malcolm

Now is the time to call 503-244-6232 to schedule today.


Have you been experiencing pain for weeks or even years?

The centers for drug and disease control have come forth with opioid prescription guidelines for primary care physicians. Medical associations are training doctors about opioid’s side effects, urging them to use remedies such as physical therapy. You don’t even need a referral from your doctor to schedule to your visit with Nick Rinard Physical Therapy today and take control of your pain.

If you do get an order for physical therapy ask your doctor if the referral is to a  clinic known for getting patients better? They may need your help in knowing where to send you and other patients.

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy,  certified MDT PT’s,  are able to predict after only 3-4 visits if you will ‘respond’ to physical therapy.

Tell your doctor about Nick Rinard Physical Therapy today.

By identifying these patients rapidly, we, as a health care team, can help you better direct the care of your patients, putting a stop to “chronic pain!”


Are you contemplating surgery? Try Nick Rinard Physical Therapy first!

Get results from Nick Rinard Physical Therapy prior to or after surgery!

“Primary doctor suggested therapy after my January physical before considering any surgery.

I’m glad the doctor suggested therapy, mainly due to my age and recovery time that accompanies surgery.

I feel I’m back to 95-98% of what I was prior to therapy and should maintain this status by faithfully doing the exercise they have given me.

I would recommend Nick Rinard to anyone requiring physical therapy either prior to or after surgery!”



Do you know what your health insurance actually covers?

Do you have the feeling, or expect, that Physical Therapy should be covered by your insurance?

Physical therapy providers are starting to identify some very good reasons why involving your insurance may NOT be in your best interest!

Just like filing an auto insurance claim for damage that doesn’t meet your deductible – it is often best to forego involving your insurance and just pay out of pocket. There is no need to inform your car insurance that there was any damage and risk them increasing your premiums the next time your policy renews. It is the same with filing a health insurance claim. Filing a small claim for physical therapy can have negative complications and unintended consequences. Especially when you can get diagnosed in 2-4 visit at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy, and get good results soon after that, it is better to not have your insurance medaling in your physical therapy affairs by questioning whether you “deserve” physical therapy or not.

Health insurance companies are demanding more and more that patients meet certain criteria, through one-size-fits-none measurements to either deny you care, or begrudgingly agree to authorize just a limited number of visits. This is insulting to your legitimate pain, and disrespectful of your medical providers who should be the only ones deciding if you need care or not.  Also, your insurance reserves the right to determine – even after the fact – that your care is/was not “medically necessary” and deny your claims leaving you with an unforeseeable bill. This really is unethical and undermines your relationship with your provider.  Also, insurance companies are increasing your cost of care to save themselves money with patient portions closer and closer to the total bill. You, the patient, are better off just paying at time of service at our clinic and not bothering with the extra headache, expense, and disrespectful treatment associated with filing insurance claims – even though you are totally legitimate!

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy’ wants to save you money. Our pay at time of service rate eliminates billing uncertainties from insurance companies. We are making visits more affordable and getting better health outcomes for patients. Advantages to paying at time of service include that patients get uninterrupted service, higher quality care they can trust, hassle-free billing, and no surprise bills at the end. It really is a win – win for both providers and patients for those with high deductibles, who want care out-of-network, who are self-employed, self-insured, expired PIPs and for people who have health savings accounts.

Now is the time to stop insurance companies from unethically pretending to be medical providers and payment specialists that do not have the patients’ best interest at heart. We are your providers working for you! It is our oath get you results, free of pain and back to living life… We know health insurance companies cannot promise the same.


Save your back while gardening.

After what seems like an eternity, it is finally time to prepare the garden and start seeds! 

Here are a few tips to keep you in the dirt all spring and summer long.

· Avoid prolonged bending.  Kneeling on a pad or bringing a stool outside will save your back and your knees.

· Clear your path, and get additional help before moving or lifting heavy pots or bags of soil.

· When lifting, be sure that you keep your back straight and lift from your legs.

· Be aware of your posture while gardening.  Many of us are prone to slouching, so take note and sit up straight.

· Call Nick Rinard Physical Therapy right away if you notice any back pain.

· Getting in sooner than later equals fewer visits and you are back to doing what you love.


Stay up to date with the MDT method practiced at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy. You can find exceptional reads at the McKenzie Institute.

Puts Athletes on the Fast Track

Sports injuries are the worst. Especially for those who live for the weekend to get out on the field, on the court, or to their recreational sport of choice, and then BAM! An injury hits. The last thing you want to do is stop. You want fast answers, and most people will be frustrated if they can’t address the real issue. Josh Kidd understands that.

Thankfully, he uses a unique assessment process that can efficiently identify the root cause and prescribes the right movement to get athletes back to what they love faster, something he attributes to the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy®.

“In most cases, there’s really not a clear cause to the injury,” says Kidd, PT, DPT, OCS, Dip. MDT, CSCS, FAAOMPT. “Many times, patients just say I had this gradual ache that started to develop, and it’s just gotten worse over time or it just happened for no apparent reason.”

This is especially true of recreational athletes and weekend warriors.

“A lot of people just don’t have time to be active or train during the week for various reasons so they go from being sedentary to pushing themselves hard, over a few hours during the week, or for two days over the weekend without thinking about training load or the demands on their body in a short time frame,” Kidd says.

When patients develop these issues, many start their care with their doctors, who often suggest rest as they presume these problems are due to overuse.

“In many cases, rest can be the worst advice you can give a patient,” Kidd says. “More often than not, the problem is not due to an overuse issue – it’s actually due to a mechanical issue in the joint. When this is the case, they respond rapidly and improve much quicker than with what was traditional prescription. It’s really the MDT system that allows them to do that.”

The MDT system begins with a thorough mechanical evaluation to establish a “cause-and-effect” relationship between historical pain behavior as well as the response to repeated test movements, positions, and activities.

A systematic progression of applied mechanical forces utilizes pain responses and mechanical responses to classify the disorder. Clinicians then develop a specific plan of care based on those examination results that empowers patients to treat themselves when possible.

In a recent study1 Kidd was a primary researcher on, they recruited 350 patients complaining of isolated joint pain (i.e. anterior knee pain, heel pain, isolated shoulder pain, etc.). The patient’s spine and extremity joints were screened with MDT principles and 43.5 percent had a problem originating in the spine. So that’s where Kidd tends to start his evaluation and treatment with his active patients.

“What’s the biggest problem when somebody goes to a doctor? The patient is usually told one of two things: if it hurts, don’t do it; or no pain, no gain,” he says. “These mixed messages usually leave the patient’s confused.

“Our system really allows us to give the patient which advice is most appropriate for their specific condition,” he explains.

“Patients start to see the change in the clinic,” Kidd says. “Roughly 70 percent of patients I see have a rapidly changing condition and if we find the right movement for them, they get better very quickly.

“We give them the tools to do it, so they get that empowerment,” he says. “It’s really all about active-based care. Instead of shutting them down, oftentimes they’re back to their activity within a couple days.”

Schooled in many different types of physical therapy, Kidd leans most on the McKenzie Method.

“It really is a comprehensive system where I can perform an assessment that will identify what a patient needs and then giving them those specific, individualized interventions,” Kidd says. “They not only manage their immediate problem – they are better-educated to prevent future injury and make the most out of the weekend sport!”

Rosedale R, Rastogi R, Kidd J, Lynch G, Supp G, Robbins S. A study exploring the prevalence of Extremity Pain of Spinal Source (EXPOSS). J Man Manip Ther. 2019.