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The end of year is fast approaching.

We, at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy, hope that everyone had a great holiday.

After Thanksgiving the end of the year seems to go by a little faster than usual.
You have lots to do and you don’t need to do it in pain.

Get your results today!

“Lumbar pain – was a deranged disc.
Katie fixed me right up in a couple of weeks.
And now my range of motion is better than before the injury.
Resuming running / yoga….”


Happy Thanksgiving!

……………………………Nick Rinard Physical Therapy smiling torso over a hot baked turkey………………………………..

Nick Rinard PT will be CLOSED for Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 25th 2021 and Friday November 26th, 2021.

Hopefully this year more of us will be able to visit family and friends in person. We have much to be thankful for this year!

From everyone at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy – We wish you a happy Thanksgiving and as always….

…. Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is very Thankful to have you in our lives! We couldn’t do it without you!

Despite the recent events occurring nation wide and the increasing barriers to quality health care we STILL survive because of you!



Do you have full confidence in your physical therapist?

“I had neck pain and immobility from old neck trauma.

My neck is substantially more mobile after the series of treatments and home exercises that my PT prescribed.

I still have a little bit of discomfort but it has gone from being obstructive and distracting to something that I don’t even notice unless I’m actively trying to.

I wasn’t sure that they could really do much for my neck but the treatment really worked and they have my full confidence now.

I’d recommend to anyone.”




Get informed!

Do you know the difference between in-network versus out-of-network terms that insurance companies use (to scare you)?

When a doctor signs a contract to be “in-network” with an insurance company, they are actually pledging to become an “agent” of the insurance company, and do what is best for the insurance.  They are restricted from advocating for their patients, which awkwardly creates a conflict of interest.  They are also agreeing to take lower and lower payments that may not cover the basic expense of what it costs to actually treat a patient – they are choosing to cut costs at the expense of quality.

Instead of seeing your doctor, you are seeing a “care extender”.

Instead of spending a full session with a provider you are spending more time with assistants.

Instead of having a provider that listens, you have a provider that is doing paper work.

Get your benefits checked with Nick Rinard Physical Therapy, even if you’re “out-of-network” you may be surprised what you find.

Even if we are “out of network”, Nick Rinard Physical Therapy gets results in fewer visits than other PT clinics, so your total out of pocket costs may not actually be more than lower quality “in-network” clinics.  Cost per visit is not relevant if there are fewer visits, and you actually get better!

Everyone deserves quality care!


Your doctor wants you to get help at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy.

Some patients seem to be thinking their doctors’ specific verbal in office advice for “physical therapy to Nick Rinard Physical Therapy” is all the same and going to places based on their convenience.

Call 503-244-6232 and let our clinic representatives explain to you in more detail the reasons why your doctor chose Nick Rinard Physical Therapy over other clinics in the area.

We know other clinics are not getting results like Nick Rinard Physical Therapy has for the last 20 years.

If you respond to the services offered at Nick Rinard Physical Therapy you will be provided with a lifelong resource. 



No need to spend a fortune searching for cures… Nick Rinard Physical Therapy is here to help!

Don’t let this be the start to your testimonial – “I had dealt with pain for over 5 years and had almost given up on treatments and spent a fortune searching for cures…” 

Let Nick Rinard Physical Therapy get you off on the right path with this testimonial –

“I was referred by my primary care provider for intense neck pain.

Everything – sitting, standing, breathing – caused me pain (even with prescription pain medications).

After 3 weeks of physical therapy, I’m completely cured!

I was skeptical that anything was going to help me,

but the repetitive, gradual approach worked wonders.

Thank you!”


Call 503-244-6232 to schedule your visit today!

Nick Rinard Physical Therapy getting RESULTS in 6-8 visits, even with the toughest cases for the last 20+ years!


Choose your physical therapist wisely

Not all Physical Therapy is the same. Some are more effective than others. If you had Physical Therapy, did it work? If you are going to Physical Therapy now, is it helping? If yes, you should continue until you are better. However, if you are not getting better, or if you need Physical Therapy in the future, then you should read on.

Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) has been shown in numerous scientific studies to be the most effective type of Physical Therapy available today. However, you should know just what MDT is so you can be sure you are actually receiving it.

The MDT method does not rely on technological gadgets such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation commonly used in traditional Physical Therapy. There is little evidence to show that these machines actually help in recovery. Instead, Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, as its name suggests, uses mechanical forces to centralize referred pain, and to correct the physical problem. Exercises designed specifically for each patient, affect pain immediately, and can be performed by the patient whenever pain arises. Over a short time, these exercises heal the injury and allow full recovery. In our clinic, Nick Rinard Physical Therapy, the average number of visits is only six and a half!

Medical Advisory: MDT is a Superior Form of Physical Therapy


Is your “In-network” PT helping you get rid of your back pain in the first visit?

A generic referral to an “in-network” PT isn’t always your best option.

Take Sean’s results. Nick Rinard has helped him over the last 15 years. Nick Rinard has saved him time, money and helped him live a life free from back pain.

“Low back pain [prompted him to schedule a visit].

Now [I] can walk, run, sit without pain.

I first came to Rinard Therapy 15 years ago, when I was experiencing back pain so severe I could barely walk.

My health plan PT didn’t help, but luckily a friend steered me to Rinard.

They had me diagnosed and pain reduce from the first session.

I’ve come back a few times over the years, when pain returned.

Rinard has always carefully re-diagnosed me and updated my PT to resolve the problems.”